Deciphering Garbage

He quietly whispered words,

disguised as compliments but meant to destroy

Poison seeping from his tongue onto her lips and down her throat until

She spoke the words that she was told as they truly were meant-

He told her that she was garbage.

She was rotten, and spoiled,

Unneeded and already used;

He tossed her body like a recyclable,

Maybe later she'd be desirable.

She let this be so because she waited,

As if her worth was only accountable

If she was usable

And boy was she usable

And that's what he did and never did he stop-

use, use use.

And she got good at giving.

Giving, giving, giving.

Until she really felt like she was nothing.

He drank that up almost as fast as he downed bottles-

Preying on a beaten down girl unable to stand up for her worth

Until one day she had enough.

As she stared at him asleep- finally able to be this close,

This safe,

His stupid quivering lips finally hushed,

His eyes not perversely staring where they were not wanted,

By her,

She held a pillow over his drunken face, his lazy eyes that always seemed to fall upon woman after woman,

never her;

she couldn't help but laugh at the irony as he would be placed in the ground along with the rest of the