Every so often you may get into a mood where you want a hair cut but cannot decide if that's exactly what you should do. After all, there is no undo button once the hair is gone. So here are some pros and cons of long and short hair to help you decide on what to do.

Benefits of long hair

1. You never run out of hairstyles.

There are so many ways you can you do your hair. All the styles you see on Pinterest and on posts on Instagram, you can pull them off.

2. You can do all the braids you want and still never run out of the different styles.

Braids are perfect for the summer to keep our hair from getting all sweaty. You can also put your hair in a braid when it's greasy because you did not find time to wash it. Braids are such a go-to for so many occasions, from casual to formal.

Disadvantages of long hair

1. It gets tangled so much

Especially in the winter time, your hair gets caught in the jackets and scarves. This causes it to tangle up all the time. The worst is when you wear a sweatshirt. As the hair sits on your hood and you move around, the hair has a party of its own and clumps together.

2. Split ends are almost inevitable

Maintaining such long hair is a whole process. You have to wash it a lot and make sure it is healthy. And no matter how much you care for it, you always go to the salon and get told, "you have split ends."

Benefits of short hair

1. It is so much faster to wash

Well, this one is pretty obvious. The lesser hair you have, the faster it is to wash it. If you like staying in bed until the last minute, then saving some time in the shower may be crucial to your morning routine.

2. Short hair is so much easier to maintain.

It is a lot easier to continue your day with greasy short hair rather than greasy long hair. You do not really need to comb it out every day and it does not tangle as much.

Disadvantages of short hair

1. High ponytails are kind of hard to do.

Honestly, sometimes when your hair is in a high ponytail, it looks like a bunch of bananas. And the hair at the bottom falls out since it reaches the hair tie.

* * *

Both long and short hair is beautiful. And, they both have their pros and cons, so go ahead and follow your heart to either cut it off or to keep growing it out.