Deadpool Unmasked
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Deadpool Unmasked

Sometimes we forget who Wade Wilson really is.

Deadpool Unmasked

"I bet you just like Deadpool cause he's obnoxious and offensive." I mean those are benefits but I mainly relate to his struggles with self worth, mental illness, and (particularly rn) chronic pain. But yeah haha chimichangas ammirite.

image description: Deadpool sitting on a bed in prison, curled into a ball, saying "ow my skin" repeatedly.Marvel Comics

Anyone who wants to know how I spent my night/how I'll likely be spending my day can refer to the above panel.I'm writing this at 7am which is NOT a good time for me, but I've been up the whole night due to my chronic pain and this (meaning the above panel) has been stuck in my brain on loop.

Disclaimer: my skin isn't what's hurting me. It's my joints. But hey, the pain radiates outwards so the whole "everything hurts" sentiment is one I'm familiar with.

What other things do Deadpool and I have in common? Glad you asked. Beyond just "everything hurts" there's THIS attitude he's learned from being abused as a child [cw blood]:

image description: Deadpool holding up his hand w/ severed fingers. Text box:"When you're confronted with a horrible situation, there are only two reactions that make sense: laughter or tears". 2nd panel shows him as a child with an injured hand. Text box: "tears hurt too much."Marvel Comics

Which is yet another sentiment I'm familiar with. (Both the "laugh instead of cry" and the "coping mechanisms evolved through trauma".)

Not to mention him being ostracized by society every time he shows his face (literally) in public.

image description: Deadpool is sitting in a restaurant booth. Customers flee in the background. A waiter says "Senor, please finish your meal QUIETLY and then LEAVE. You're terrifying the other guests."Marvel Comics

While I have not been asked to leave a restaurant. I have been treated terribly in public (by strangers) because of my appearance. Not in an 'I wore a Halloween Costume to church' way, but in a 'you're obviously queer and I'm Not Ok With That' way.

Which reminds me! I relate to Deadpool because he's also queer.

We often forget that the infamous Merc with a Mouth is (or can be) a deeply complex and nuanced character. He's been reduced to taco jokes and t-shirt slogans which, don't get me wrong, can be funny. I love his bad puns and stupid jokes and inappropriate comments as much as the next Edgy Fan but I love them because I know where they're coming from. If he was a shallow character with no Dark Past to speak of, the dark humor would be the equivalent of a 13 year old making yo mama memes on Reddit.

Thankfully, we have amazing authors and artists working to bring his story the depth it deserves.

image description: Deadpool recounts the tortures done to him during the Weapon X project to the man who did the torturing, who he holds at swordpoint.Marvel Comics

In summation... Wade is a lot of things I am, and I love him for it. His story is just dialed up to 11 for comic book plot reasons, and that makes me love it all the more. Anyone who says representation doesn't matter is wrong. Flat out. Wrong.

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