Why The Dark Knight Is my favorite movie
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'The Dark Knight' Is Hands Down Still My Favorite Movie

And most likely always will be.

'The Dark Knight' Is Hands Down Still My Favorite Movie

For a long time, if you were to ask me what my favorite movie was, I would have absolutely no answer for you. It wasn't until back in 2015 when I rewatched "The Dark Knight", directed by Christopher Nolan, that I finally realized my answer. After not having seen the movie ever since it was released in 2008, I was more than surprised by the level of attention to detail that the movie had. From its mesmerizing storyline and its stunning visuals, The Dark Knight is a movie that most definitely withstands the test of time, and in my opinion, is one of the best movies I have seen. And here's why.

First of all, the dynamic characters are forced to change and adapt.At the beginning of the movie, Bruce Wayne, aka Batman, starts off a mysterious vigilante of Gotham, believing that the only thing that drives crime in the city is power, money, and greed. Because of this relatively narrow mindset, his main approach towards combating the crime bosses in Gotham is through fear. However, as his struggle to outsmart and capture the Joker goes on, he realizes the error in his way. He realizes that not all men are driven by money or power, but some simply do bad things just for the sake of doing them. It is this lesson that changes Batman's approach towards the Joker, as he has finally encountered a foe that is not at all fazed by the dark knight at all. Christopher Nolan and the writing team's effort into capturing the amount of character progression that Bruce Wayne undergoes through well-placed camera shots and cleverly planned dialogue gives the audience a pretty good reason to remain invested in the story.

Also, the antagonist is the perfect match for the protagonist. In Heath Ledger's most iconic performance, the Joker was a villain that challenged Batman to a level that no one had done before. Rather than being a physical match, the Joker was an opponent that took constant advantage of Batman's morals and used them against him. He consistently forced Batman to make hard decisions that continuously chip away at his beliefs and Gotham's faith in their dark crusader. The Joker stood out as a villain that was the complete opposite from the hero and also was fighting for the very soul of Gotham. Both the hero and the villain had points to prove, and both were pushed to their limits in the end. In the end, both sides of this battle were evenly matched, and the antagonist did his job in forcing the hero to change. Not only was the character itself well written, but it was the late Heath Ledger's immaculate performance that truly brought one of the most iconic supervillains to life.

The movie also acts as a medium for actual philosophical debate. As mentioned before, the main struggle between Batman and the Joker was to win over the soul of Gotham. Batman believed that Gotham is finally becoming a place where people can depend on law and order rather than masked vigilante like himself, hoping to retire. The Joker was trying to prove to him that everyone, no matter how righteous they may be, could always turn into something evil and corrupt. The movie itself forces the audience to question the very foundation of Good vs. Evil and Order vs. Chaos. It is this consistency in theme and tone that gives The Dark Knight more character, compared to other superhero movies. Rather than really one cool visual and action-packed battle scenes, It provides a thrilling twist to the cat and mouse plot that tells a solid cinematic narrative, while providing unforgettable characters, amazing cinematography, and storytelling abilities like no other.

Although this article does not come close to capturing my whole entire opinion on this movie, hopefully, it does give a little insight as to why "The Dark Knight" is my favorite movie.

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