How My Dad's Work Gave My Family The Best Vacations
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My dad's job Has given my family the best vacations

Family vacations are always the best, especially in a luxury home.


My dad works for Toll Brothers. If you don't know what that is, it is not the cookie company – that is Tollhouse. Toll Brothers is a Fortune 500 company that builds luxury homes. Now, these houses are really nice too, and I'm not just being bias (okay, maybe a little). I remember when I was around 6 years old, and we had just moved to where I live now, my dad took us to see a house. I didn't know much then, I was just 6, but I thought it was the coolest house I had ever seen. It was huge for me, so many rooms to run around in and they even had an in-home theater. To me, it was a mansion, and it was definitely luxurious. Ever since then I thought that my dad had the coolest job ever. Later I grew up to learn he works in the mortgage department (definitely not the most exciting thing). But the perks he got were definitely the best for my family.

If you work for Toll Brothers, you have the opportunity to stay in a handful of guest homes they have located in various communities around the United States. The first time I got to stay in a guest house I was about 7 years old and we went to Orlando, Florida. While most families would stay in a cramped hotel room and have to share a bed with a sibling, my brother and I got our own rooms. And on top of all the luxuriousness within the house, the cherry on top was the pool in the backyard. My brother and I always wanted a pool in our backyard so for our week vacation we got to live our dream. I would go back to school and show all my friends' pictures of the house we stayed in and they thought it was the coolest thing ever. Not only did my family get to stay in a house on vacation rather than a hotel, we got to stay in a Toll House, which honestly made all the difference.

I remember spring break when I was in 8thgrade we got to stay in the Palm Spring Toll Brothers guest house. I said to my mom that my dream would be to have my own room with a bathroom, walk-in closet, TV, and a balcony (that was really pushing it but, hey, I'm a girl who knows what she wants). My mom laughed at the thought of me having all of those things checked off my list, but I didn't lose hope as fast. When we arrived at the house my brother and I ran inside, going into every room picking out which one we wanted. I ran up the stairs and there it was! My room with everything checked off the list! My mom was surprised but I knew Toll Brothers would not let me down.

Since my dad started working for them in 2001, we have traveled to the guest houses in Orlando, FL, Las Vegas, NV, Palm Springs, CA, Hoboken, NJ, and Jupiter, FL. Toll Brothers has given my family and me the ability to travel all over the states and stay in amazing houses. Each house bringing new memories to our family every trip. I have been incredibly thankful for the amazing opportunities and vacations that Toll Brothers has made possible for my family and many others.

Disclaimer: Toll Brothers did not sponsor or endorse this article in any way.

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