Can curling your tongue Actually Cool You Down?

Can Curling Your Tongue Actually Cool You Down During The Hot Summer Months?

Ayurveda suggests it can!


In the health world, recently, breathwork has been all the rage. As a person who is up to date with many health practices and news, I have been seeing increasing focus put on breathing and wellness. For over 5000 years, yogis have been focusing on their breath and using it to regulate wellness and balance. Over the past few months, public health pros have been emphasizing the importance and helpfulness of breathwork.

There are versions of mindful breathing for almost every situation. You can find breathing exercises that calm you down, center you, clear your mind, and some that claim to help your body detox. Even breathwork that can actually cool you down!

Curled tongue breathing is said to be one of the most cooling breaths in yoga and Ayurveda.

Also known as Sheetali Pranayama, curled tongue breathing is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. All you have to do to properly practice this pranayama breathe is curl your tongue, and breathe through it. Sounds simple enough!

As much as I like to think I am, I'm no expert at yoga and meditation. And this interesting way of breathing seemed an appropriate level for my skill and experience. So with coolness on my mind, I went outside on a 90-degree day to see what would happen.

As I was breathing in through a curled tongue, I was "meditating":

Calm. Cool. Relaxed.

And let me tell you, there were some results! I don't know if my whole body necessarily felt cool, but my tongue definitely did! Also, I wasn't in excruciating heat either. I was just outside, after a run, on a summer day and I did feel some cooling zen.

Next time you're feeling really hot give this a try. Curl your tongue and inhale through it like you would a straw, exhale through your nose and repeat for 1-5 minutes to feel the refreshing effects of coolness and ventilation.

P.S. If you can't curl your tongue don't fret! There is a version of cooling breathe for you too: Sitkari Pranayama. For this one, you just breathe through your front teeth and exhale through your nose.

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Always. Never fails.

A special thanks to my friend Liza who helped me think of these!

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What Do You Want To Accomplish Before Summer Besides Getting Tan?

By putting in a little extra effort now, you can set yourself up well. So well.


Winter is over, which means seasonal depression is canceled. Over the past two weeks, I've watched my campus literally spring to life with renewed momentum. I've found myself and my friends more inspired, excited and motivated than we have been in months. It's amazing what the first warm days of the year can do for one's mood, but the next five weeks? That's a different story.

As the semester draws to a close and the summer-fever sets in, so many people will be "just trying to get through exams," putting things off, or moving things to the back burner. This means if you put in a little extra effort while in the home stretch, you can set yourself up well. So well.

Don't add a ton of extra work to an already packed schedule, but be efficient and intentional. Pick one goal that's particularly meaningful to you, and challenge yourself to meet it now. That might mean turning in a stellar project, running for a leadership position for next semester, or submitting one last internship application. You can't do it all, but even amidst the commotion of finals, formals, and move-out day, you can do something.

Just like you would for class, your friends, and workout, you can make time for personal progress. Schedule a time to work towards your goal, whether it's every day for 20 minutes or every three days for 60 minutes. Enlist your friends and mentors to work with you. What advice could be helpful? What support do you need? Pitch your idea, and you might be surprised at who's willing to lend a hand.

Even when it seems like you're the only one still working, take pride in your achievements. You can get a tan later because now is your moment to hustle with heart.

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