I am a guy. I obviously never used cosmetics. However, I feel that in terms of how it benefits humanity, makeup as a whole is utterly worthless to the progress of the human race. I am purely making this argument through a philosophical and deontological perspective. The truth is that if all women were bare faced then the way we standardized beauty would be dramatically changed. I believe true beauty is the fact that women are fascinating creatures of nature fabricated by the hands of God. Natural beauty really needs to be the standard for women.

My main problem with the whole cosmetics industry is that the only way it can be successfully advertised is either they advertise a women unattractive when she is without makeup or the fact that they would only show women as beautiful when they are wearing tons of makeup or photo-shopped. To me, that leaves a negative message for women. If natural beauty was the standard, simply no women would be wearing makeup. How we view someone as an attractive mate will also change.

The cosmetics industry doesn't care about how you look. They care about how much money you have. I fully support the fact that it is being sold as the basis that someone should have a choice. However, in my argument, I still stand with the fact that I don't think it really benefits humanity or pushes us forward as a whole.