Conspiracy Theories That Will Keep You Up At Night
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Conspiracy Theories That Will Keep You Up At Night

The top 7 conspiracy theories to research and find out the "truth".

Conspiracy Theories That Will Keep You Up At Night

Who's to know what is real or fake anymore? For all I know, we could all be controlled by aliens on the moon. You never really know what may be the truth behind something and that is exactly why conspiracy theories are so interesting. They give a new look on something that you have always thought of in only one way. Although they may be ridiculous, it is interesting to read about the "facts" behind some conspiracy theories. There are so many out there, but these seven are bound to keep you up at night. If you can't sleep, research these on the internet and you'll be entertained for hours.

1. Neil Armstrong didn’t actually land on the moon.

Believers of this theory think that the U.S. government staged this event and that the famous picture of Armstrong with the flag is fake.

2. The Clinton Foundation hired Donald Trump to run against Hillary Clinton.

Believers of this theory think that the Clinton’s hired Trump to secure the republican nomination and then blow it so that Clinton would become the POTUS.

3. The government created AIDS.

Believers of this theory think that the government created AIDS to wipe out homosexuals and African Americans. Many people think that the government injected gay men with the disease in major cities as bio warfare. Others believe it was created to depopulate the world's black population.

4.Bush did 9/11.

Believers of this theory think that Bush was looking for an excuse to declare war in the Middle East. Many claim they heard explosions in the basement before the planes hit the twin towers.

5. Paul McCartney is dead.

Believers of this theory think that McCartney died and the rest of the Beatles covered it up by finding a look-alike replacement but dropped subtle hints in their songs about the death.

6.The Illuminati.

Believers of the Illuminati think that it is a small group of celebrities that control all aspects of our life such as politics, economics and the entertainment industry.

7. Princess Diana was murdered.

Believers of this theory think that it wasn't the paparazzi that was responsible for her death, rather the royal family had her killed because they were embarrassed of her.

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