Almost immediately after Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez won her primary challenge in New York, she became a punching bag for the radical right-wing. As a young, hip woman, she naturally made for an easy target for the old, white guard of the Republican party that is stuck in a 1950s mindset.

As a radical progressive, she became a policy antithesis to everything that conservatives stand for in today's time. As an inexperienced politician, she created an ample number of political gaffs for the right wing to point to and laugh at.

But... are right-wingers really going to criticize the woman for DANCING?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: 'Congresswomen can dance too' - BBC News

Personally, I thought that the last time that dancing was considered scandalous was during the Puritan days of colonial America.

Luckily, there does not seem to be much mainstream concurrence for how scandalous Ms. Cortez's dancing is. Most people correctly pointed out that this video shows nothing more than a young, college woman doing what they should do- have fun.

However, this is a disturbing trend for right-wing attacks. Similarly, Democrat Jon Ossoff was attacked for a video of him dressed as Han Solo in college when he was running for Congress in Georgia's 6th district. Somehow, we were supposed to assume that because he dressed as Han Solo years ago while he was at a college party that he would turn congressional debates into lightsaber fights because this proves that he is that unprepared and immature.

Conservatives, these attacks not only make you look silly, but they also backfire. People didn't hate Jon Ossoff more because of that video. In most cases, they thought he was even cooler.

The same thing applies to Alexandria Cortez. Her dancing doesn't show how unprepared she is; it shows that she is exactly the hip, young woman that people wanted. If you want to debate her, be civil and actually pull America forward by debating and addressing IDEAS. Otherwise, you are pulling us back to the Puritan days, and, personally, I'm not abiding by any dancing restrictions anytime soon.