My Personal Thoughts and Feelings About Colors
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My Personal Thoughts And Feelings About Colors

I have strong feelings towards every single color.

My Personal Thoughts And Feelings About Colors

I look at colors and I see more than the color itself, as I assume many people do. Each color reminds me of a certain memory or thing from my life as well as makes me feel certain emotions. I think it's beautiful that every person sees each color differently and has different feelings associated with colors and differing opinions of each color, so I thought it'd be fun to share the way I think of colors


I feel like most people associate red with anger, but to me, red is both triggering as well as too good for me.

On the one hand, the color red triggers the world's largest cringe for me because it reminds me so much of the Elmo snapback I wore in the sixth grade when I was trying to be edgy.

It is also too good for me, because so many people look good in red. I am not one of those people. Red taunts me. I want to look good in it and I just can't. Red is too powerful for a weakling like me.


For a very long time, I absolutely hated the color orange. The only thing that made it bearable was the fact that it reminded me of the mermaid tales on H2O.

However, ever since I fell in love with Syracuse, wearing orange and having orange things has become a major part of my personality. I see someone eating an orange, and I say, "hey, nice orange". It doesn't make since, but since I heavily associate the color orange with the school I love so much, anything and everything I see that is orange deserves a compliment.


Yellow has the kind of vibe I want to have but can't pull off. It's so chill and relaxed and try as I might, I'm just not that.

It reminds me so much of fake memories I have concocted of running through sunflower fields and having cute picnics and being a happy free, chill, person. Like red, yellow is just far too good for me.


Green brings on a myriad of emotions and memories. One the one hand, I love softer and more muted shades of green. They remind me of my favorite sweatshirt and Christmas trees, and fresh cut grass. It's soft and calming.

Bright shades of green on the other hand, disgusting. They remind me of Monster energy drinks and a fourth grade basketball game. The bright shades of green are aggressive and I feel like if they had a scent, it'd be horrific.


Blue is by far the best color. It reminds me of Mama Mia and brings me back to the days of sitting at the edge of the pool watching my friends since I don't know how to swim. It's the color of Culvers too so that's an automatic bonus.

Plus, blue is versatile. It can be a happy or sad color. A nice navy blue can make you feel really confident. Baby blue makes you feel innocent and child-like. Every single shade of blue is pretty, and you can't change my mind.

P.S. I love Twitter so that's just another strong association with blue that makes me feel happy (follow me @myanpfeifer)


Purple isn't necessarily my favorite color, but it holds a special place in my heart. My baby blanket was purple, my room when I was little was purple, and I even had purple glasses growing up. I fell in love with Barney the dinosaur and incorporated his signature color into every aspect of my childhood life, so now when I look at the color purple, I'm filled with nostalgia and happiness.


Chartreuse isn't in the rainbow, but I had to mention it because of how strong my feelings are about this color. It is the absolute worst color in the world. It's the color of the crayon that looks green and then isn't. It insults my eyes every time I look at it. Annoying horse girls wear chartreuse. Even the name is obnoxious.

Clearly, this color fills me with rage and I don't like to talk about it often, but it just needs to be put on blast as the worst color every once in awhile.

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