To The College Student Who's Stressing To Get Perfect Grades, Give Yourself Time To Rest And Be Present

To The College Student Who's Stressing To Get Perfect Grades,  Give Yourself Time To Rest And Be Present

Remember that your grades do not define your worth.


Dear stressed college student,

I know what you're going through. You feel like so many tests and due dates are piling up and you feel like giving up, but you can't because it determines whether or not you'll have a successful career. I get it, and it sucks. As a college student myself, I can tell you that grades can be important. They can allow you to receive scholarships to pay for school and are obviously important to allow you to graduate, but they are not the end-all-be-all. Let me tell you why.

Those numbers should never be what you're focusing on every minute of the day. If you're struggling and are at a low point in your life right now, please know that things will get better. I promise you they will. If you feel inadequate right now because you didn't make the grade you wanted, please give yourself time to be present and focus on yourself and your needs. You shouldn't feel like you are competing against anyone else for success.

Self-care is essential to help balance your mind and keep you from focusing so much on those numbers. On the surface, it may just mean bubble baths and doing the things you enjoy doing, but it can also mean giving yourself time to do the things that are important. Give yourself time to take a relaxing shower. Sleep. Take it easy. If you start thinking about yourself negatively, immediately follow up by thinking about three good things about yourself.

Here are some affirmations that have helped me get out of that toxic mindset.

"I am confident in myself. I don't need to compare myself to anything or anyone else."

"Grades cannot make you whole."

You are loved, valued, and strong, and God would never give you anything you can't handle. Trust me. You can do it. You will get through it, even if it doesn't seem like it now. Take a deep breath, Think about where you are in life right now. Exhale. Place that stress into God's hands. Matthew 11:28 says, "Come to me, all of you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest."And He will if you put your trust in Him. It sounds scary to put your life into someone else's hands, but let him take control. He's given you so much already and put so many great people in your life.

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Me Saying I Don't Watch 'Game of Thrones' Is NOT Your Cue To Convince Me To Start

"Once you've accepted your flaws, no one can use them against you."


Yes, I have flaws. We all do. But it seems as if though my biggest flaw is that I have never seen "Games of Thrones." Nope, not even one single second. I don't know why I haven't seen it, it's not that I'm particularly against the show. I guess it's just too late now for me to start it, as the premiere of the eighth and final season aired April 14th. And for some reason, I just feel that I'm too far behind to even attempt to start it.

But please, I beg of you, do not try to get me to watch it. I don't want to; I've made my decision that I have missed the "Game of Thrones" train and I have accepted my fate. It's OK, you can use your heavy TV series persuasion on someone else, don't waste it on me.

But not being a Thronie (I have no idea if you "Game of Thrones" fans actually use that term, but it's fine) comes with its own set of hardships. Yes, I know that missing out on "unquestionably the most acclaimed and beloved show on television" is probably the greatest hardship, I know, I know.

But trying to scroll through social media while seemingly every single person on my feed is posting about the show? Now that's hard. I see memes left and right, constant reaction videos, clips of scenes that I will never understand. I see people being shocked by certain characters doing certain things to certain other characters and I just cannot understand! It's tough, it really is. I feel like I'm in elementary school, sitting on the bench beside the playground watching all of the cool kids playing together. I feel excluded and uninvited to the party that is the "Game of Thrones" fandom.

It really is hard. It's difficult not understanding the jokes and comments about all the happenings in "Game of Thrones." But to those who are obsessed avid watchers, I apologize. I sincerely am sorry that I can never understand your "Game of Thrones" talk. I am sorry that my inferior self is not interested in your favorite show.

As some character that I will never know in "Game of Thrones" says, "once you've accepted your flaws, no one can use them against you." I have accepted that my major flaw is the fact that I have never seen "Game of Thrones" and that I, unfortunately, have no interest in watching. So please, don't use it against me. Besides, that one character that I don't even know said that you can't anyway.

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Guess What, Everything That Makes You Tired Is Worth It

Life gets to be too much sometimes.


Every day I hear someone complaining about something bad going on in their lives. I do the same, but not every day. I tend to keep most of my stress and things that bother me to myself. But I do get tired of the situations I place myself in or just life in general.

School, work and my sorority are the main things that make me tired. I am constantly on the go every day. Yes, I do get a break but not for long. I stress about money. I get tired of being busy all the time. I chose to be apart of that busy life. So I have to deal with it. I get in some mental break downs sometimes, but I always build myself back up, by saying "It is worth being tried for." I think about the great outcomes that come with being busy. When you are busy, you are successful. Those problems that hurt you or make you down, well if you are busy, then you will not think so much about them. Make yourself busy to were you can handle it. But, yes I am tired, but it is worth it.

Those situations I put myself in that make me tired of making dumb mistakes, well I enjoy them. It is f'd up that I enjoy hurting myself and sometimes others, but I just do not care sometimes. That is bad. I am tired of feeling regret from satisfaction, but I love it. It is crazy how being young you cannot control yourself until you grow up. That is what I am doing; I am growing up. So yes, I will make mistakes, but I will learn from them. I will be tired of my stupid mistakes, but I will fix them.

You're going to be tired in life. It is okay. Just remember the money you are making, the school work you are doing, and the involvement is worth being tired over. Those dumb decisions that you are slowly or already tired of finding a way to fix it.

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