Dear stressed college student,

I know what you're going through. You feel like so many tests and due dates are piling up and you feel like giving up, but you can't because it determines whether or not you'll have a successful career. I get it, and it sucks. As a college student myself, I can tell you that grades can be important. They can allow you to receive scholarships to pay for school and are obviously important to allow you to graduate, but they are not the end-all-be-all. Let me tell you why.

Those numbers should never be what you're focusing on every minute of the day. If you're struggling and are at a low point in your life right now, please know that things will get better. I promise you they will. If you feel inadequate right now because you didn't make the grade you wanted, please give yourself time to be present and focus on yourself and your needs. You shouldn't feel like you are competing against anyone else for success.

Self-care is essential to help balance your mind and keep you from focusing so much on those numbers. On the surface, it may just mean bubble baths and doing the things you enjoy doing, but it can also mean giving yourself time to do the things that are important. Give yourself time to take a relaxing shower. Sleep. Take it easy. If you start thinking about yourself negatively, immediately follow up by thinking about three good things about yourself.

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Here are some affirmations that have helped me get out of that toxic mindset.

"I am confident in myself. I don't need to compare myself to anything or anyone else."

"Grades cannot make you whole."

You are loved, valued, and strong, and God would never give you anything you can't handle. Trust me. You can do it. You will get through it, even if it doesn't seem like it now. Take a deep breath, Think about where you are in life right now. Exhale. Place that stress into God's hands. Matthew 11:28 says, "Come to me, all of you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest."And He will if you put your trust in Him. It sounds scary to put your life into someone else's hands, but let him take control. He's given you so much already and put so many great people in your life.