Coming Home From College

Coming home can be exiting and scary for college students, especially for me. This is because I have learned to be by myselves and I have gotten use to this and when I come home I want to still have that freedom that I learned about in college. Reading the following list below will help family's know what not to do as your college student comes home.

 1.  I got used to living independently at college and I should not be ashamed of that

Being on my own for a semester feeding myself, washing my own clothes, and doing what I want to do anytime of the night or day (grant it I choose to sleep half the time, but still having the freedom to choose that independently) I have gotten use to this and going home should not have to change this

2.  I shouldn’t have to change or revert back to who I was when I was home

And just because I am going home does not mean I should be the girl everyone knew when they left…

3. I am old enough to no longer have a “Curfew”; I am not a child anymore I have grown somewhat


I should be able to have my newly learnt independence even if my parents are around; this is a good habit that I should remain to have

4. I still need you and your support; you are my family and I love you 


That being said yes, I have grown up and learn to live on my own, but just because I have become someone that does not need you for every little thing does not mean I don't need my family. I love you guys and I need you to be there for me rather that is if I am calling with exciting news or calling because I am having a mental break down. Support is something I truly need from you now

 5. Please for the love of God, DO NOT ask me about dating


It is hard to date in college let's just leave it at that…

 6. Do not try to set me up on a date 


Suggestions do not hurt especially when they are super cute, but do not set me up on a date with them I can do that myself

 7. Yes, I would love food


I have either been eating the same food for the past couple months or take out, so a home cooked meal is something you for sure cannot go wrong with… it will actually be orgasmic

  8. Do not ask “What do I want?” 


Stop asking "What do I want?" I want my degree that I am in school for and money because I am BROKE!

9.  Do not ask what I am doing with my life I am trying to figure it out


I am still in school give me time; do not go around bugging me on this

 10. Do not put me on a pedestal, I am human, and I make mistakes


And just because I am in school and you are a #proudmom let's not go around showing off on others because that is not nice, and it puts more stress on me to do better and trust me I am stressed enough

I might not be the most excited to return home, but I am glad for a break and to see all my family and friends as long as these guidelines are followed I promise I will not blow up at you!


A girl just trying to survive :)

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