Exclusive Interview: Logan Crosby Talks All Things ‘23 Days In L.A’
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Exclusive Interview: Logan Crosby Talks All Things ‘23 Days In L.A’

This EP is about to be on a loop for all of you the same way it is for me

Exclusive Interview: Logan Crosby Talks All Things ‘23 Days In L.A’
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I am a simple gal most of what I do revolves around watching reality tv and listening to music, so when I learned that Logan Crosby, who was on one of my favorite new reality tv shows, Claim To Fame, was putting out music I knew I'd be all in! While I expected to like the project, I didn't expect to not be able to take it off of repeat, but here we are!

I was lucky enough to get to chat with Logan all about the EP, I hope you all enjoy this conversation!

23 Days in L.A., your debut EP, is out now, what does it feel like having this body of work out in the world? What emotions come with releasing your first project? 

Oh, it feels awesome to have something that my team and myself have worked on for the past 6 months finally be available for the world to hear! It’s definitely been a journey and there were times when I was stressed and anxious. But, there were also times where I was so excited I couldn’t sit still!

From the beginning, when the EP was just an idea, to when the very last detail was finished, how long was the process of crafting this record? Was this something that you worked on at all when you were cut off from the world in the ‘Claim To Fame’ house?

Well, I guess technically I started writing ‘Run Away With You’ when I was in college, but I won’t count that. We started writing towards the project early this January! We finished writing in April, we cut the songs right after that and then filmed all the content in early June! It was about six months in total. And no, I actually didn’t write anything off the project while I was in the Claim to Fame house. I was too busy being a nervous wreck!

Despite ultimately not winning the show, you do now have this platform that you can build on, what has it been like seeing the audience that loved you on the show continue to support your endeavors? 

Yes, it’s been super cool to kind of grow everything from multiple avenues. I got my start on TikTok, then went out and bought speaker’s and amps and started playing college bars. From there I went on the show and now I’m touring and releasing music! I think Claim to Fame really let my personality shine just as much as my music and gave me the ability to get a great team, which has been such a blessing! The Claim to Fame fans are great and I’m so thankful for them!

When you look at the track list of 23 Days in L.A. is there a track that particularly sticks out as one you were really looking forward to seeing how people would take it in?

‘Run Away With You’ and ‘23 Days In L.A.!’ Those are two of my favorite songs to date and it’s been so cool to see ‘Run Away With You’ really have its own moment! Thank you Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music for all the love and support!

Something that I was really blown away by on the EP was your songwriting, with ‘Whiskey Smoke’ being a standout, is there a specific line that really stands out on the EP as one you're particularly proud of writing? 

I am really proud of Billy Dawson, Allizon Veltz Cruz and Ben Williams for helping me write ‘Ain’t Nothin’ Like Lovin’ You.” That’s a very sexy song, which isn’t what I usually write so them helping me with that has been a blessing and I’m super proud of that song! And definitely “We were two chairs, one umbrella, and ninety-nine sunsets” in ‘A Little Sunburnt, A Little Drunk,’ such a cool line to me!

When you look back on your time in the ‘Claim To Fame’ house what would you say is the biggest way it impacted you? Is there a specific moment that really sticks out at one of those ‘Core Memories’ from inside the house?

Oh gosh, definitely the Telephone Challenge and the last episode where I had to eat a scorpion on live TV and all the other contestants came back! That was a crazy day, but so fun!

I know you're about to go on tour with Megan Moroney, what has the preparation process been like as you're about two months out from the start of tour? 

We’re finishing up some festivals and summer shows right now and then towards the end of August we will go in and start to get the setlist ready and finish designing the merch and advancing the shows! It’s going to be an AWESOME fall!

Thank you so much for your time Logan! If you make your way to perform in the Seattle area I will definitely be there! Is there anything else you'd like to promote to my readers?

Seattle is a dream city! I’ve never been but I want go! Follow me on social media @reallogancrosby and stream my music on all platforms!

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