9 Cities In The United States I Need To Visit Before I Turn 30

I'm a BIG travel girl, and, if this were a perfect world, someone would pay me to travel the world and write about what I see. Sadly, I'm stuck in South Carolina (for now), dreaming of the places I long to go. While I have an extensive list of foreign countries I'd like to visit, there are also several cities right here in the United States that are calling my name.

1. Nashville, Tennessee


Growing up, I always thought of Nashville as the center of country music. While this is certainly true, I've also read some pretty interesting articles about Nashville that have piqued my interest. Good coffee, boujee food, and live music? I'm there (I wish).

2. Los Angeles, California


Though I've been to Newport Beach, San Diego, Santa Cruz, and San Francisco, I'd love to see the other parts of sunny California. In particular, I'd love to visit the Los Angeles area and see what it has to offer.

3. Portland, Oregon


Portland is one of the most upcoming hipster cities in the country. With a thriving urban environment and national parks close by, Portland sounds right up my alley.

4. New York, New York


Sadly, I've made it 19 years without ever having set foot in New York City. I plan to fix that by the time I'm 30, if not by the time I'm 20. Ready to experience the concrete jungle where dreams are made of!

5. Denver, Colorado


I've never skied in my life, but I've heard that Colorado is the place to go if you wanna hit the slopes! Not to mention, Denver is a sunny city with lots of cultural experiences and opportunities.

6. New Orleans, Louisiana


New Orleans is a city I'm pretty unfamiliar with, but I know it's a popular tourist destination and a gorgeous city. I'd love to visit the "Big Easy" and try some of its famous food!

7. Seattle, Washington


Is the Grey's Anatomy theme song playing in your head right now? The home of Starbucks, Seattle is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and one of the fastest-growing cities in the country. I know I'd love it, especially since rain is my favorite type of weather!

8. Boston, Massachusetts


Though I've been to chilly Massachusetts for a New England Patriots game, I've never had the privilege of visiting Boston. Several of my friends have gone and loved it, and it's one of the top cities on my bucket list. I can totally vibe with the cold winter air and the literary culture. Not to mention the accents.

9. Houston, Texas


I haven't been to Texas in my life, but I've heard and read great things about it. Home to the famous Galleria urban shopping mall, Houston is a flourishing city that has just about everything.

I hope that when I turn 30, I can say with confidence that I was able to visit all of these amazing cities in the US. Adventure is out there for all who are willing to take a risk and step out of their comfort zone!

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