"Christopher Robin" Is The Perfect Movie To End Summer
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'Christopher Robin' Is The Best Movie To End Summer

College is just around the corner and "Christopher Robin" is the best movie to see to get you prepared.


As summer break slowly comes to an end, we all feel a sense of both excitement and dread pooling in our stomachs. On one hand, the end of summer heralds the time where we as students will most definitely be up to our eyeballs in readings, homework, exams, and projects. It will not be a constant state of stress, but it is unquestionably a time dedicated to the realm of responsibility. However, on the other hand, the upcoming college semester is also a time for a return to regulation. Summer break is fun, but often one can feel restless if the day to day routine is scattered and unorganized. At least, this is how I feel part of the time while relaxing on summer break. The return to college is a return to routine and also a return to those we have parted with at the beginning of the semester such as close friends and college campus organizations.

Yes, the end of summer is swiftly approaching and in my opinion, the perfect movie to see before we have to bid our summer break goodbye is most definitely 2018's "Christopher Robin."

I will admit that when I first saw the trailer for this movie, I was a little skeptical. I have grown up on Christopher Robin, Winnie the Pooh, and all the residents of the Hundred Acre Wood; in a way, these characters and their many adventures helped shape who I am today by teaching morals about friendship, loyalty, and love. Winnie the Pooh is such an iconic character not only in my upbringing but in the upbringings of children and adults across the world. Thus, we want to see his movie done justice and we want to see our favorite characters represented well on the big screen. Anything less than that would lead to disappointment in the characters and in the Disney company itself.

So I went to see "Christopher Robin" with excitement in my veins, but a nervous twinge in my heart. I hoped that this movie would give me the same warm and fuzzy feeling that the Winnie the Pooh specials and movies gave me in the past. I saw the movie and I am happy to report that this movie definitely captures that same feeling while providing a new outlook on the characters and the world they live in.

"Christopher Robin" is about, as you would guess, Christopher Robin himself. However, just as "Toy Story 3" tackled what would happen when Andy grew up, this movie takes on the challenge of what would happen when Christopher Robin grew up. The answer to that question is that Christopher Robin would grow up to be one of those stereotypical dads who is only focused on work and doesn't have time for his wife and daughter. This is a real struggle that parents and other people deal with in our everyday society so while being a tad bit cliched, there is nothing inherently wrong with having Christopher Robin deal with this problem. In fact, Christopher Robin doesn't really realize that he has a problem with work. All he wants is to provide a good life for his family which involves him working overtime and pushing his daughter to study and study to get a job like his one day even though that is not making her happy.

This where Pooh steps into the picture. He is looking for his friends who have seemingly disappeared in the Hundred Acre Wood. In his search, he comes across the entrance that Christopher Robin would enter from when he was a little boy but hasn't entered in decades. In a search for his lost friends and his desire to see Christopher Robin again in order to ask him for help, Pooh enters the door and very quickly encounters Christopher Robin who is shocked to see his childhood friend walking and talking in London. Now, it is a race to get Pooh home, find the other Hundred Acre Wood residents, get Christopher Robin ready to present for his work and to find a way to reconnect the titular character with his family.

Personally, without giving any spoilers, I think this movie really works. For one, they got Jim Cummings to reprise his roles as Pooh and Tigger which was a delight to witness. However, where the movie really shines is the dialogue. This movie was extremely well written in my opinion. The dialogue felt natural and felt really genuine to the situation and to the characters. It was simplistic like all Winnie the Pooh dialogue is normally, but the simplicity carried such complex meaning and heart. It was truly a delight to listen to these characters interact with one another. I think the movie really excelled at providing the audience with real and believable interactions between these characters.

However, no matter what, I believe this movie came out at the perfect time. This movie is the perfect thing to watch before we step back into the world of college and work. I think this is the case because "Christopher Robin" has so much to do with where we are now as college students and people. Often, like Christopher Robin, we struggle with our work. Sometimes, our work takes priority over other pleasures in life. We get so wrapped up in the idea of careers, exams, and projects, that we often forget to embrace the simple pleasures in life. That is the lesson that Christopher Robin must learn throughout the movie and it is a lesson that we all can take to heart. At this point in time, we are on the precipice of the real world. We face the pressures that our futures will bring as well as the idea of careers and responsibilities. I think, just as the movie stresses, it is greatly important that we do not forget to embrace that child-like outlook on life every once in a while. On the occasion, it is okay to let loose and have fun. Play is just as important at work at times because it allows us to find happiness in our surroundings and in the people we love.

Overall, I think "Christopher Robin" is the perfect movie to watch before going back to college because it is so relatable to our own lives as college students; we may have responsibilities and work that feel like they eat us alive, but in the end the world of our childhood and fun will always be there to welcome us home.

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