As soon as October 31 has come and gone, I start playing my favorite Chrismas music. Listening to Christmas music right after Halloween gets such a bad rap. I'm a firm believer that that should not be the case. If someone wants to listen to Christmas music in November, let them, it's not doing you any harm.

1. I am not skipping Thanksgiving.

People like to claim that you don't care about Thanksgiving or that you are skipping over the holiday season. However, that simply isn't the case. Thanksgiving is by far my favorite holiday, so I guarantee you that I will never forget Thanksgiving or what the holiday stands for just because I enjoy listening to Christmas music a little earlier than most people.

2. There is not enough time to appreciate Christmas music in all its glory. 

The way I like to justify my love for Christmas music is simply the number of days until Christmas. Fifty-five days is simply not enough time to enjoy the Christmas music in all its glory. Christmas music really gets me in the holiday spirit, and frankly, the messages of giving and appreciating what you have are a lot more wholesome than the music I would be listening to instead.

3. There are no good Thanksgiving playlists.

Have you ever tried to find Thanksgiving music so that others won't judge you as harshly for listening to Christmas music? Because I'll save you the effort and let you in on a secret: Good Thanksgiving music really doesn't exist. Sure you'll find the occasional song about being thankful, but there is just no true substitute for the real thing.

4. Christmas music gets you in the Christmas mindset so much earlier.

Sometimes I feel like Christmas rolls around in the blink of an eye, leaving me no time to really prepare myself. When you start listing to Christmas music a little earlier, you are already thinking about the things you need to get done before one of the best holidays rolls around.

5. You can enjoy and celebrate more than one holiday at a time.

People not only like to think you are skipping Thanksgiving, they think you just don't care about any other holiday except Christmas. But let's be real, someone who loves Christmas enough to listen to the holiday music before everyone else clearly has a passion for the holiday season. Likely they care a whole lot more about the holidays than you give them credit for and are just as thankful for what they have been given in life as the next person when Thanksgiving actually rolls around.

This year when it's my turn to share what I'm thankful for, Christmas music will be on my list.