Why Chick-Fil-A Is God's Restaurant
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6 Reasons Why Chick-Fil-A Is God's Restaurant For The God-Fearing Gal

May your chicken be tasty, your fries blessed, and your tea sweet.

6 Reasons Why Chick-Fil-A Is God's Restaurant For The God-Fearing Gal

It is not uncommon to hear disagreements over which fast food chain is the best. Some individuals who are particularly vanilla will side with McDonald's, while others claim the Americanized fair at Taco Bell takes the cake. Truthfully, all of these people are wrong. As someone who eats a relatively clean diet and works out often, I still occasionally enjoy a hot, greasy cheat meal.

The ONLY chain worthy of my business is Chick-fil-A. Why? Their food is blessed by God. Here are six reasons why Chick-fil-A is God's restaurant:

1. Their Workers Exemplify the Fruits of the Spirit

I have yet to meet a rude Chick-fil-A employee. Every cashier has shown me nothing but love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, faithfulness, goodness, gentleness, and self-control. Each time I hear that hearty "my pleasure," my heart is simply warmed.

2. The Cleanliness of their Restaurants is Impeccable

I am from Boise, ID, and we have three Chick-fil-As. I have yet to enter one of their establishments with a dirty floor, unkept bathroom, or wet condiment counter. Their employees are hard-working individuals who want nothing but to please their customers, even if it means obsessively cleaning.

3. Their Ketchup is the Best of the Best

Ketchup dispensers are typically crusty and disgusting. Ketchup packets are inconvenient, and one often needs about five of them to get the job done. Chick-fil-A found the holy grail (pun intended) of solutions. They serve Heinz ketchup bottle shaped pouches that you can either tear and squeeze or lift the lid to dip. They are convenient, innovative, and perfectly sized for their waffle fries.

4. They are Closed on Sundays

I will not lie, I often crave Chick-fil-A most on Sundays. Can this be inconvenient? Yes. However… the fact they are closed on Sundays shows respect to their employees and to the values they stand for. If God owned a restaurant, I could only assume it would be closed on Sunday. Therefore, by-laws of correlation, Chick-fil-A is God's restaurant.

5. Their Chicken tastes like Manna from Heaven

Chicken breast is often dry and stringy, regardless of how it is cooked. Chick-fil-A may be the only restaurant who makes chicken breast juicy, delicious, and crave-worthy. The original chicken sandwich, chicken nuggets, chicken biscuits, and all other menu items are fresh and juicy without fail.

6. Their Fries are as salty as the Dead Sea

This may be a personal preference, but I sure do not know a single person who likes plain fried potatoes. Chick-fil-A's waffle fries are always salted perfectly, and when combined with their immaculate ketchup (see point 3), one's taste buds are given a small glimpse of what heaven may be like.

In all my years of life, I still have not met a person who dislikes Chick-fil-A. They are universally loved and for good reason. In the end, it seems pretty undeniable that Chick-fil-A, is in fact, God's restaurant.

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