Chemtrials: A Theory or Something More?
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Chemtrials: A Theory or Something More?

Look up in the sky, it's a bird, no, it's a plane spreading deadly chemicals!

Chemtrials: A Theory or Something More?

Seeing a plane without chemtrails be like…

Seeing a plane with chemtrails be like...

It seems ridiculous to run from a plane that just has trails of white condensed water coming out of it, however, 5 percent of Americans believe that those thick, long trails are not simply contrails. The thickness of the trials along with the strange patterns they leave in the sky has lead Americans to believe that “chemtrails” is a more suitable name. Chemtrails is a conspiracy theory speculating that planes are leaving behind trails composed of dangerous chemicals placed there by the government to change the climate or for mind control purposes.

Of course, scientists with their lab coats and degrees decided to prove this conspiracy theory wrong. In 2016,

77 atmospheric scientists and geochemists

paired up to officially kill this theory and ease the minds of the believers. After examining photos of possible chemtrails, they saw nothing suspicious and labeled them as ordinary contrails. Looking at pictures was not enough to disapprove the theory, so scientists looked at samples of air, pond sediment, and snow suspected of having elements of chemtrails inside of them such as copper and barium. None of the samples had any link to the theory.

Strong believers would probably come up with another theory that scientists are helping cover up the government’s lies through “experiments” and “studies” that average Americans would believe because scientists are automatically seen as intelligent people. It’s an interesting theory but that’s for another day.

The belief in chemtrails began in the late 1990s after an Air Force report titled, “Weather as a Force Multiplier” predicted that the military will have the ability to control the weather by 2025. Then citizens started to claim they were getting sick from contrails each time a plane flew over their house, putting the attention toward the lines across the sky that no one questioned before. From that, the chemtrail theory slowly started to develop.

It seems as though there is nothing left to say since chemtrails never really existed. However, one question still remains; why are Americans willing to believe that the government is out to hurt them and out to manipulate the environment?


People don’t trust the government! In times of war, financial struggle or any other crisis, a lot of pressure is put on the government to set the world straight, so when everything starts crashing down, fingers get pointed at politicians. Remember that conspiracy theory that speculated that George W. Bush was involved in 911? Once a president starts being blamed for damaging the country that he or she swore to protect, it becomes evident that there is a strong disconnection between the people and the authorities.

According to a CBS News poll, in the 1980s only three percent of Americans trusted the government always, compared to the 69 percent of Americans who trusted the government sometimes. In 2013(labeled as “now”), the Americans who trusted their government always stayed at three percent while the amount of Americans who trusted their government sometimes raised to 70 percent. One of the citizens interviewed by CBS News believed the government, “[doesn’t] know what’s going on with the common man.” While another states, “They (politicians) cannot be trusted to work together.”

Many may think conspiracy theories like this one are ridiculous or not worth looking into because it can be easily challenged, but its conspiracy theories like these that reveal how the American people truly feel in relation to their government. How can the gap between a politician and an ordinary citizen be filled? There is no clear solution because both sides are imperfect and doing their best to fulfill their version of the American dream.

Do you have a solution?

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