Thinking About Cruising? Here's Why You Should Choose Carnival
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Thinking About Cruising? Here's Why You Should Choose Carnival

The kid-friendly party boat is here!

Thinking About Cruising? Here's Why You Should Choose Carnival
Robin Welle

I would like to think my mother is a Carnival Cruise connoisseur. Not only because of her judgment on their famous "Guys Burger Joint," but also for their different tastes and styles of ships.

My Mom and I combined have been on a total of seven cruises since 2012. I have loved the experiences, each time a little more than the last. Carnival Cruise Lines really does take care of their customers and makes them feel welcome through any situation that may arise.

Let's jump in!

Now, let's focus. A Carnival Cruise? Hell yes.

Let's say you want to cruise... where do you start? Google. Type in Carnival Cruise, click the first link. See that number in the top right hand corner? Pick up your phone and call because the operators are actual people with skills, coupons and advice to make booking your vacation as easy a possible!

Yes, I said coupons! If you're tech-savy, the three tabs towards the top that reads "Explore, Plan and Manage" are pretty self-explanatory, but if you click "Plan," insert your sailing destination. This is where you'll choose where you'll be leaving from, as well as your dates. Hopefully, you'll find some decent prices.

Here's a tip:

Always look at cruise prices five to six months in advance. My mom has noticed they tend to be cheaper on Tuesdays. Maybe it's a coincidence that she just looks on Tuesdays.

She could ask people when everyone is on board, and they could even agree because it's a Tuesday. Either way, that might help when booking. Signing up for the email list might sound like spam, but in total honesty, they really do help you find the lowest prices in the best rooms.

The Balcony Cove

Okay, look y'all. A cruise is not the same without a view of the sunrise and sunset every morning/night in the privacy of your own room. Because anyone can wake up early, get a delicious buffet-style breakfast featuring literally anything on the breakfast menu you can think of every single morning (if that didn't convince you to cruise with Carnival, I have failed).

If you're worried about them not having a balcony included, you're doing it wrong.

Picture this: You had a fantastic day by the beach and have partied all night, and you wake up to the beautiful sunrise. You call room service (Which is included. Yes — included — that means you can order a piece of chocolate cake at any point in the day) and order yourself the best breakfast you can think of.

Mom and I like to get two fruit bowls — pineapple, honeydew melon, watermelon, strawberries, and grapes. Accompanied by our choice of cereal, chocolate and regular milk and orange juice, if Mom feels like it that morning.

We turn the TV on and watch the map to see where exactly we are, we grab the daily pamphlet that tells us what's happening every hour on the boat that day, then we schedule and figure out what we're going to do! Then we either walk the boat together, sit out and tan at the back, or sit on our balcony cove.

On Sea Days (a day of just sailing until we reach our destination), we relax until around 3pm, which is when the drunkies like to come out.

One thing you shouldn't get twisted: Carnival is a family cruise line, but it is also a party cruise line.

There are so many appropriate places to take your kids if you ever feel uncomfortable. Kids all the way up to 18 have a place to go meet friends and party!

Carnival is very good at having a place for everyone –– old to young –– you will have a blast. If you don't like buffets (because you're not human or something), there's a casino where you can gamble and drink your money away!

Around 5pm is when things really start to get saucy on any one of Carnival's cruise ships.

When Trivia starts, my mom is located there and stays there until she wins all the ships on a stick. Trivia is an amazing thought-out game with different topics and genres, and a twist in every game. Even the most boring one I think I ever sat through ended up being very entertaining. Nevertheless, Mom sat through it, made friends and actually learned a lot about the clavicle.

Go on your first cruise with someone you are very close to.

This is rather important. Who you travel with is just as important as your destination. They could ultimately ruin your trip, or vice versa.

Since it is your first, you have to feel out the experience for yourself. No one is forcing you to have fun; it'll just happen naturally on these cruise lines. Work your way up to bringing family and close friends with their families.

That's for the experts.

To be "Cruise Worthy" as we call it in my family, you have to be accepted by everyone, so sucks to suck when you're not invited. My family goes on vacation together once a year or every two years –– just to keep us united and having fun! Our last family cruise was 2017 when we went to Belize, Honduras and Cozumel. We snorkeled and danced our hearts out, gaining 15 pounds each.

A few more tips...

If you are a girl that likes to bring a lot of makeup and hair things (i.e. straightener, wand, hairdryer), I encourage you to pack an Extension cord with four or more outlets.

There are plenty of outlets in the room already, but they're kind of spread out weird –– so just trust me, pack some. Also, don't forget the sunscreen, the big ol' beach bag and the hat. Bill cap or sun, just bring a hat.

Don't bring blankets or pillows because you'll want to take theirs home by the end of the week. Do bring shampoo and conditioner because they never give you enough. Don't forget any of your toiletries, and no, you don't have to bring towels.

Yes, it does cost you to wear the robes in the closet, so trust me, just put it in the back behind your things and forget the fluffy, beautiful white garment that can ruin your cruise budget.

Excursions (my faves)

What are these? They are what you can plan to do while you're in a different country! Some of their featured excursions on their website include visiting the Coral Garden & Stingray City Sandbar, where you can walk amongst the hundreds of stingrays and even kiss one for seven years of good luck!

Another one is the Exclusive Crystal Cave Tubing & Zip-line with Lunch! I haven't done this one, but I think my Aunt, Uncle and their family have. I'm pretty sure they enjoyed the hell out if it too!

One of Mom's and my favorite things to do is to stay on the boat until the craziness of people getting off dies down, then just walk the city of wherever we stopped. There are always booths and people singing and dancing. They always want your money.

Sometimes we even find free things to do! For example, in Cozumel, I took seven shots of tequila at this bar and ended up passing out on this free beach! How fun is that?

I don't remember the way I got back onto the boat or what I did after that point, but the point is, free beach and cheap drinks? Hell yes!

To conclude...

Cruising with Carnival will be the best decision you'll make when it comes to sailing the ocean.

Cruising with my family is really the best part about the being on the boat. We don't have cell phone service, so usually everyone carries their electronics for pictures. We really take advantage of not having electronics. We play games, we have conversations with each other, we catch up, we actually laugh.

We make new friends, we lift each other up, and we're always there for each other. Being disconnected from the world opens your eyes to see what the boat really has to offer. It is a little sad we have to be electronically disconnected to do all of these things, but it's really what makes our family special.

We are such a tight knit group; we'll do anything for our family. I love Carnival and I can't wait to cruise again!

Do you have any tips for first time Cruisers?
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