Indianapolis DJ Cam Miller Is The New Wave Of Club EDM

Indianapolis DJ Cam Miller Is The New Wave Of Club EDM

Successful Indianapolis DJ talks underground music, advice, and probably Bassnectar.

Alongside Meridian Street sits the busiest Indianapolis bar, 247 Skybar. Three-stories of hustle-and-bustle nightlife, the thumping bass of award-winning DJs, and the sound of shot glasses hitting the counter as champagne is being poured. A room sits hidden but open the glass door and you'll find yourself in the midst of the underground EDM scene; the Glowroom as they call it.

"It's underground music but in one of the busiest clubs in the city. It's really the only Saturday night EDM event in the city and we're three years going." says Cam Miller, the host of "All the Way Up" which takes place in the Glowroom every Saturday.

This weekly event puts underground EDM in the limelight and introduces new faces and DJs to the scene. "I just like being able to play music for a living and also help other people do that as well."

Cam Miller is a name to remember as he is easily one of the most successful DJs to be born out of the Indianapolis music scene. Notches in his belt include opening for Infected Mushroom, Joyryde, Luzcid, Muzzy Bear, Hero Bust, and the list literally goes on and continues to grow.

"Opening up for Infected Mushroom was probably my favorite set I've ever played. They are legends and I got to play techno to a full room of people digging it."

The iconic opening set for Infected Mushroom by Cam Miller mixes an Alan Watts dialogue with house and techno creating a unique sound that is signature to his style. Creating a set is an art for DJs and it's not always just about pressing buttons.

"So to stand out you need to be more creative. Whether if it's random sounds or speeches. I'll see a movie and be like, 'hell yeah I'm going to use that for a set.' For Collage Carnival I had a bunch of edits with carnival sounds ready to go. Bassnectar has always done that." Cam Miller notes that Bassnectar has been one of his biggest inspirations.

While Cam Miller is obviously talented and crafted, he offers up some advice to newcomers, "Be a friend to everyone and be happy for the success of other DJs. Everyone loves what they do and deserves everything they got going for them. Community over competition."

He shows no signs of slowing down soon as you can him find at All the Way Up: Indianapolis Gathering, on Saturday, March 31. As well as Indy Mojo's 420+1 Party on April 21, alongside many other talented acts.

What else might you expect from Cam Miller in the future?

You have made a pretty big name for yourself already. You are talented and have earned a lot of respect, why have you not started producing yet? Or is this something we can expect to see in the future? I actually started producing before I even knew what DJing was. I used to try and make beats for friends of mine that rapped. Kind of gotten away from it lately. I do spend a lot of time making edits for live sets. Every show I play, I always make a few special edits for that show. Definitely going to see some original music out at some point. But it won't be under Cam Miller.

Hint. Hint.

Cover Image Credit: Stevie Jarrett

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Life's Too Short To Waste On Things You're Not Passionate About, So Just Buy Those Concert Tickets

Or don't buy them and spend your life wishing you did. Work and school are really important and not temporary or superficial at all, right?


The concert of the year is quickly approaching and the more time that goes by, the more expensive those tickets are going to be. Do not keep telling yourself that "money is tight", or "it will be hard to cover the shift at work", or "school is really stressful right now". Yeah, yeah, and the sky is blue.

We all have obligations, and the whole venue is going to be filled with people that are blowing off their responsibilities and enjoying life in that moment. Someone that is constantly worried about work, school, or finances is not the same person who has the best stories to tell the next time everyone is standing around the water cooler.

Life is simply too short to waste on things that you aren't passionate about. Just go for it, already!

Now, this may be the typical opinion that one would expect from a millennial. Though regardless of someone's age, where anyone comes from or what they find value in, nobody should want to miss out on something that is clearly at this level of appeal, while also held at such little risk of regret. One day of work will not send any boss over the edge, and missing any time in class can be made up in no time. As for that oh-so-tight budget, ask yourself this question... How many unnecessary purchases have I made this month?

Nobody needs the extra trip to Starbucks, the snack when filling up at the gas station, or the brand name clothes that looked much cuter on the mannequin. If the responsibility of where to spend a paycheck is in question, then the cut back on preventable spending should also be considered.

Concerts are completely necessary. The release that comes from amazing live music, an electric environment, and the bonding between friends is all combined to be an experience unlike any other in life. Nobody ever reminisces on a live concert event and promptly remembers how frustrated their boss was for taking the day off.

Granted, the exact moment of purchase can be a bit painful. Just like a ripping off a band-aid, that discomfort can be aided by clinching your teeth and yelling... but with excitement! Scream! You're going! Circle that date on a calendar, start a count-down of days, and don't dare to think about all of the responsible things that are supposed to happen on that day. Opportunities for money and extra hours will always present themselves in the future, but there is only one date to see that band, concert, or festival that has been calling to you from the back of your mind for too long.

Start a new tradition and make memories with friends. The atmosphere at a concert is unlike any other, and the people that attend are just as indescribable as they are positive and encouraging. Having a bond that is shared between two music enthusiasts is something that can only be understood by someone who has had that experience. Make an entire day out of it! Get there early to tailgate and listen to the best pump-up jams on the way there. Play corn-hole in the parking lot and meet some new people. It's not like there's any work or school to do, right? Make this day off worth it!

As if any more reasons need to be provided, always remember that the world can be a crazy and unusual place, and nobody ever knows when the last chance to do or see a certain thing will be. In 2017, the world lost Chris Cornell (of Soundgarden and Audioslave), Chester Bennington (of Linkin Park), and Tom Petty, among others. All three of these artists were on tour the year of their tragic deaths. Any fans that missed their last chance to see them play live in their nearest big city is no doubt regretting it.

Do not make the mistake of one day having to say "I wish I saw them when I had the chance". Ask any My Chemical Romance fan what they would give to go back in time just to make the irresponsible decision of buying concert tickets on a college student budget. Nobody ever knows when a band may break up, or when tragedy will strike, so make sure to attend all the concerts as possible while they are still around.

There may not always be "a next time" so when that big show is scheduled near you... do not hesitate. Learn from the ghost of missed opportunities. Nobody ever knows when their last chance to do anything will be, so live life the way it was meant to be lived and have as much fun as possible while there is still fun to be had. Buy those tickets and have something to look forward to. You owe it to yourself, and you will not regret it. Have fun.

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