reasons why you are a Patriots hater

I dedicate this article to all Patriots haters that have no good reason to hate the Patriots other than their misery.

Let's start it off here. You don't have any good reasons. But hey, let's give it a shot. Because we have so many rings, we needed a new hand. Until next year! (And the next ring).

You hate us cause you ain't us.

You hate winning.

You don't like to look at attractive men.

You believe in Goodell like you believe that pigs fly.

You don't want to be a part of the winning team.

You hate rings. 7th ring anyone?

You have never been to a victory parade before.

You wish you were from the City of Champions. (Because it isn't just the Pats)

You don't want to be in the same spot, same time, next year.

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