Being broke is never easy but being a broke girl is almost impossible. Take a look at some of the five most annoying things broke girls have to deal with.

1. Chipped nail polish

Isn't getting your nails done awesome? Pedicures feel amazing (minus the awkward tickling part) and depending on the salon you go to, you can get some pretty cool designs done. What isn't amazing, however, is doing your nails at home and then having the polish chip off two days later. Broke girls don't have the money to shell out $60+ dollars for expensive nail treatments like acrylic or UV gel, so we end up settling for botched, homestyle manicures.

2. ATMs

ATMs are one of the most convenient and useful technologies we have today. The only thing that really sucks about them is that you can only withdraw increments of $20. Picture this: a broke girl, getting dressed up and excited to go out. The place she goes to has an entrance fee of $10 and just her luck, they're not taking cards. She thinks she can swing by to the ATM to get cash, only to realize she only has $15 in her account, with no way to withdraw it.

Such a pain, right?

3. Overzealous, wannabe sugar daddies

Ask any girl if they've ever been approached by an older man and they'll probably say they have — multiple times, at that. Like sharks smelling blood, old perverts just have a way of sniffing out desperate girls. Broke girls are constantly approached by older guys on dating sites who claim they can "help" them with the economic stresses of college life, just for a little "time and attention."

Ugh, yuck.

4. Watered-down shampoo/conditioner

This really only affects broke girls with natural hair, but it's still a giant pain in the ass. Shampoo and conditioner are fairly cheap, except if you have to buy high-quality brands like Camille Rose (which averages around $17 per bottle) and Shea Moisture for your Afro-textured hair. When you're getting to the bottom of the bottles, but don't quite have $30 to shell out to replace them, you do what any rational, broke girl would do: fill them up with water and pray some of the product is still concentrated.

5. Drugstore makeup

We all wish that we could drench ourselves in Anastasia Beverly Hills or Nars, but the reality for most broke girls is ending up with Neutrogena. When you only have $30 to spend and you need foundation, concealer, and setting spray, a trip to Sephora just isn't possible. So, alas, to CVS we go.

I guess full coverage just isn't meant for us.

Girls just want to have fun, and being broke seriously puts a damper on that. Even though we can't buy or do certain things, there is a bright side to not having a lot of money: our budgeting skills are fantastic.