To start, I had no idea you could be "trashy" and "disrespectful to those around you" while taking care of your child and making sure their are getting the nutrients they need throughout the day. Mother's should not have to stop their lives to take care of their children. When a mother breastfeeds her child, she is not thinking about what others around her are thinking she is LITERALLY just feeding her child.

You would be disgusted if someone had their bare feet out on the table if you were out to eat at a restaurant because there is no reason for someone to have their bare feet out at a restaurant. You would be offended if someone was naked in public running around because they would be exposing themselves to you for no purpose other than exposing themselves. You would be disgusted at seeing a woman breast feeding a child while in public because society has, unfortunately, taught you that everyone else doing what they feel is natural and comfortable is not okay because you are offended by it. There are women who take care of their children despite what other people think about it being "purely immodest and disrespectful" because their intentions are to feed their child not check with you and make sure thats something you are okay with.

You said:

"If you see a girl in a shirt cut too low, you call her a slut. If you see a celebrity post a nude photo, you call them immodest and a terrible role model. What makes you think that pulling out a breast in the middle of public is different, regardless of what you're doing with it?".

You so obviously state the issue with your entire argument here. We need to be less worried about other people and be more worried about ourselves. Who gave you the authority to judge what another person is wearing and decide that they are a slut? That person may feel confident and comfortable in their clothing. Do you really think a celebrity posting a nude photo doesn't expect that someone like you is going to judge it? They post it regardless because they are worried about their opinion on themselves, not your opinion of them. They may see that photo as a form of expression, freedom, or art. And most importantly, is everything that you do in public for someone else's approval?

Do you pick what you wear, say what you say, and act the way you do in public because you don't want to offend people? Being easily offended is a problem our society has, not breastfeeding immodestly. We should never look at a woman feeding her child and think of how trashy she is or how she should actually be worried about being modest. You may not want to breastfeed in pubic because YOU personally would want to be "more modest" about it, and thats totally fine. Even so, that doesn't mean that is the way everyone else has to do it. Not everyone is worried about what other people think of them. I am not being disrespectful because I am responding to you with my opinion, but you may take it that way if thats what you consider disrespect. If someone's actions or words are not targeting you for the sole purpose of harassing, hurting, or offending you, they are not being disrespectful. They are feeding their child and aren't thinking about whether or whether not other people care that their kid is hungry. I'm responding because I think your article's shows how easily offended our society has gotten. Love yourself and love what you believe, but do not push others to feel bad about what they are doing just because you disagree.

This is more about overall love and support for one another than just breastfeeding in public. It's obvious that your of judging people's lifestyles goes beyond breastfeeding. Your article about Ariana Grande where you say:

More like"break up with your girlfriend because I'm a whore." If that's the kind of attitude you have, stay away from me and my boyfriend because you're just a homewrecker. Sorry, not sorry."

Find the line between having an opinion and just outright attacking someone and telling them they are wrong because you disagree. We don't know what anyone but ourselves has been through, so we can't judge someone for living their life a certain way if they are not causing physical or emotional harm to us. I doubt Ariana's song was about your boyfriend or any man that you know personally, so I can't see why you think its alright to call her such a vicious name. This article is less about you and more about how we need to love each other more properly and not judge one another so harshly.

If you don't want to see someone doing something, just look away so neither of you have to feel uncomfortable for having differences in opinion. Me personally, I'm going to whip out my awesome life-giving breast at any moment my baby needs it when that day comes and let other girl's choose their sexual partners as they please. Love always.