Books I Keep Re-Reading
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Books I Keep Re-Reading

"A classic is a book which with each rereading offers as much of a sense of discovery as the first reading." ~Italo Calvino

Books I Keep Re-Reading

I've already made one article talking about how I am a book lover, and so now I have decided to make a list of a few books that I enjoyed so much that I ended up reading them repeatedly. I listed these in order of least amount of times read, to most. The one that is at the bottom will probably be a no brainer for those of you who know me.

1. The Little House on the Prairie Series

This was a series that I loved as a child. It fueled many a game of make believe with its real stories and enchanting old timey setting. I loved coming back to these books time and time again when I first started to enjoy reading. I also really enjoyed the series about Laura's daughter Rose and her adventures.

2. The Lunar Chronicles

This series is one of my all time favorites with its unique story line, quirky dialogue, hilarious one liners, awesome characters, and just overall amazingness. I have read the series only a couple of times, since it has only just recently been finished, but can promise you that I will return to it many times in the future.

3. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

I originally read this series because I watched the movie, and assumed that if I enjoyed the movie then I'd love the book even more. I loved the how all the characters were very realistic and relatable. This was also the first book series I had read were one of the main characters was an artist, which I connected to a lot since I shared it with the character Lena. I also loved how the girls all traveled, and how you got to grow up along side them. It's been many years since I last read this series, and I'm due for another re-read very soon.

4. Pride and Prejudice

This book is a classic, and probably one that many of you were forced to read in high school. For me it just so worked out that I had already read it numerous times before my senior year; when it was on a required list of 'must reads.' This book has one of my favorite female characters, Ms. Elizabeth Bennett, and some of the funniest moments. I love the flow, and the rye humour. I also just really love anything by Jane Austen.

5. Anna and the French Kiss

This book, and the rest of its series, is so very near and dear to me. I love the setting(honestly, if you put traveling to new countries in a book then I will love it) and all the darling characters. The whole series is so original and entertaining, but Anna and the French Kiss just hit home with me. Even though it made me want to scream in frustration sometimes, I still find myself coming back to it time and time again.

6. The Mortal Instruments

This is the only series on this list that is complete, but that I have yet to finish reading it. I have a love hate relationship with this series. I love some of the characters(Magnus is my favorite) and yet can hardly stand some of the others. I got so sick of damsel in distress Clary, and although I've been told the final book is incredible, I can't seem to make it through books four and five. I need to finish re-reading the series for this most recent go around so that I'll be able to finish the last one without constantly being lost as to who everyone is, and asking myself "when did that happen??" I enjoy this series, but freaking love the its prequel series of The Infernal Devices. I mean I literally cried for days after finishing it!

7. The Vampire Academy Series

I loved so much about this series. I loved the totally cool boarding school, and the awesome, kick butt characters. This book series also has one of my all time favorite couples, Rose and Dimitri. I loved Rose's character so much, and really enjoyed reading from her point of view. I love the action, the plot, and cried my eyes out from That One Awful Moment(for any of y'all who've read it, you know what moment I'm talking about) until the end of the series. I recommend this book almost every time someone asks me for recs, and will keep on re-reading for myself until I die.

8. The Heist Society

This series had me wrapped around it's finger from page one and still has me hooked. I have heard rumors that it's still incomplete, but I'm not sure if this is true or just wishful thinking. I love all the characters, especially Hale, and love all the intricate plans that this family of con artists' make to get the goods. Each book takes you to new places(see what I mean by my love for traveling in books??) and leaves you in awe when you see the plan all come together in the end. Also, I appreciate all the art facts, and art appreciation that is in this series. I want to be a part of this fictional family because they are really awesome! I honestly love all of Ally Carter's writings, including The Gallagher Girls.

9. The Finishing School Series

Okay, I cannot stress to y'all how much I love this series. I mean honestly, this book has almost everything on my check list of "things I look for in a book." Quirky dialogue? Check. Amazingly, well-written characters? Check. Adorable romances? Check. Fun plots with hilarious moments? Check. Espionage? Double check. I mean I stumbled across this series whilest browsing the shelves of a library, and ended up taking it off the shelf solely because I saw the word 'espionage' in the book's title. I have read these books multiple times, and will continue to do so for many more years to come. This is another series were I love everything that the author has written. Go and check you out some of Gail Carrigher's stuff, especially if you're into steampunk awesomedry.

10. Anne of Green Gables

I first read this book in the seventh grade while riding on the band bus to a competition. I had grown up watching the movies with my mom, and when I'd happened upon it in the school library I decided to give it a try. I instantly fell in love with Anne, and to this day she remains my favorite fictional character. I found a kindred spirit in Anne, and have never related to another book character like I related to her. I loved her imagination and outlook on the world, and so enjoyed watching her grow up. I love how in the series we get to see her fall in love, get married, and have a family of her own. I cry every time I revisit this story, and I don't see that changing anytime soon. It is a classic, and I wish so much that I could have met its author, L.M. Montgomery.

11. The Harry Potter Series

I have countless times confessed love to novels listed above, but none compare to what I feel for the Harry Potter series. These books came into my life at a point where I had no friends, where I hadn't realized you could escape into books, and where I felt very very alone. I ended up taking home the first book by chance, and before I had even realized what'd happened, I had fallen in love. Never before had I become so involved in a story. Never before had a book so entranced me that I literally became a part of the novel. People would have to physically shake me to get my attention when I was reading these books. I became friends with the Golden Trio, I attended Hogwarts, and I went on adventures with the characters. When I finished this series I had no idea what to do with myself, and I compared every novel that came after Harry Potter to the series. I literally think of my life in two pieces, before Harry Potter and after. I owe those books so much, and one day I may write an article about how much these books have done for me. I can't see myself ever stopping re-reading these books. I keep coming back to them because they are home to me. I have read this series, in total, sixteen times. I kid you not.

I hope you enjoyed this article, and maybe you'll go check out a few of these books. I love them all(some more than others) and I think you might enjoy a few of them yourself. Thanks for reading!

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