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Blanket Scarves Are The GOAT Of Accessories

You will want to have blanket scarves on your roster this season.

Blanket Scarves Are The GOAT Of Accessories
Corrine Harding

In the picture above, I was probably texting my friends about how much I love my blanket scarf. Winter is upon us, and you don't want to freeze your neck off this year. Blanket scarves are versatile and a staple for any wardrobe whether you use them as a scarf or something else completely. Here are 10 reasons why you need to invest in one--FYI you for sure need another scarf in your life.

1. It's a scarf, so it's a no brainer.

A scarf, whether it is a blanket or infinity scarf, is just fundamentally perfect for your wardrobe. You can easily step up your outfit game with a scarf but also turn up the heat as you bundle up when the temperature drops.

2.  There are so many ways to wear it.

You can Google "how to tie a blanket scarf" and pull up various articles and YouTube videos that can teach you the art of wearing a blanket scarf. If you are on the fence of a blanket scarf, you need to understand the toolbox of outfits you will gain with one giant piece of fabric.

3. You're literally carrying a blanket with you wherever you go.

This accessory may be a scarf, but if you are ever in the situation that you are chilly, you can unwrap the scarf and snuggle up when the going gets tough. You can leave your down comforter at home and opt for your oh-so-versatile blanket scarf instead.

4. You can build a fort in 10 seconds flat.

We covered the basics of blanket scarves, but now you can use some imagination with your new outfit tool. Have you ever been in the situation where you need some privacy or some shelter for a little bit? Well, you can throw your blanket scarf over some chairs, and you will have just found yourself a nice little fort.

5. It can act as a travel pillow.

Whether you are on an airplane or sitting in lecture, a blanket scarf can turn into a travel pillow. You can take the blanket off and fold it to lay your head on or you can just support your head while wearing it. All you need to know about blanket scarves is that they always have your back (and neck).

6. Blankets are pretty much parachutes too.

In case of emergency, a blanket scarf will definitely help you out. Using your giant blanket scarf as a parachute can save you from the danger of falling or slow you down if you are going a little too fast. Blanket scarves aren't just for good looks, they are there to save lives.

7. They provide back support.

Does your lower back ever hurt after sitting too long in a slightly uncomfortable chair or seat? Well, a blanket scarf will become your best friend as you can fold it and place it behind your back for lower back support. The fabric will support your back wherever you sit, and it won't cost you an arm and a leg to help you with your pain.

8. This large piece of fabric can become an impromptu arm sling. 

If you ever injure your arm and need to take care of the emergency right away, your blanket scarf is here to save the day! You can tie the blanket scarf to make a make-shift arm sling to keep you from moving it too much before visiting a doctor.

9. Most importantly, it's a face warmer.

If walking around in the cold is not your thing because your cheeks are numb by the time you get back inside, then wrapping your blanket scarf around your face and neck will help keep you warm. This look is probably more socially acceptable than a ski mask, and once you are inside you can wear your scarf the way you want to do.

10. Finally, wearing a blanket scarf makes you a superhero.

Superpowers aren't required, but if you are in the mood to be a superhero for the day, you can turn your blanket scarf into a cape and know that you are an everyday superhero. Just make sure to stay away from jet engines or anything that can you can get your cape caught in. Edna from "The Incredibles" taught the importance of cape safety.

If you are struggling on finding gifts for a special someone, go to the store and buy them a blanket scarf ASAP. There will be just as many "thanks" as there are uses for this gift that keeps on giving. Imagination does not come with these, but it will come after time.

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