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10 'Black Girl Magic' Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

Celebrating self-love, beauty, power, and the resilience of black women!

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I know many of you are curious, what exactly is Black Girl Magic? How can we get some? Well, Black Girl Magic is a term used to describe the creativeness and awesomeness of black women all over. It's mainly about celebrating our resilience, power, intelligence, and anything amazing that black women have accomplished. The term and movement started in 2013 by CaShawn Thompson. Thompson started the social movement to help black women feel great about themselves. This is because many people in society view black women as angry, unintelligent, and women with bad attitudes which is definitely not true. In fact, there are some hidden facts that you all must know that black women have accomplished. Some of these facts may shock you, but yes, they are all facts for a reason and we should be proud of it. Here are some of the many Black Girl Magic facts that will blow your mind.

1. Black women are the most educated group in the U.S.


The percentages of these black students in college have increased by 30% over the years. It's crazy that many years ago, we were fighting for education and now we have become the most educated group. The percentage of black women in college surpasses other groups in the U.S. Yes you read it right! Go, ladies!

2. Black female entrepreneurs had the highest rate of growth, owning more than 1.5 million businesses with more than $40 billion in sales.


During the early 2000's and 2013, the business that was started by African American women grew by 250%. This is also a reminder to support black businesses guys!

3. Black women make up just 8% of private sector jobs...


Yes, studies show that this is true. This is what I call progress!

4. Black women serve in 82% of state legislatures.


In 2016, 259 black women serve in 41 of the 50 state legislatures. That is news that I would love to hear!

5. Not only for state, but black women also hold national titles as well...


There are currently 32 women of color serving the U.S. House of Representatives. 55% of the women are African American.

6. As for health, HIV is decreasing among black women!


Yes, HIV has been an issue in the black community. However, a study showed that since 2014, HIV rates among black women have decreased by 21%.

7. Black women had a higher voting rate than all other groups of men and women!


That's right! When it comes to politics, we don't play around here when it comes to voicing what we want.

8. The life expectancies for black women are increasing!


A 2010 study showed that the life expectancy for black women is 78. This is also why you see a lot of generation pictures of black women on social media! Many still have great-grandmothers who are in their 80's and active! (SB: I have some relatives that are healthy and in their 80's and 90's.)

9. We're basically the mothers of humanity!


The first woman to give birth was a black African woman. This is basically saying all humans have come from her!

10. Beyoncé is the highest paid woman in music


Not the highest paid black woman, the highest paid of ALL women in the industry. That's an accomplishment to me. Originally, Taylor Swift held the title but Beyoncé surpassed her in early 2018. To be honest, this pretty much shows that black women have to work twice as hard in order to get to where they are, which is still not fair. Anyways, congrats Queen!

Shout out to all of the black girls! We appreciate you and you should all know that you are loved! Keep grinding and striving for your goal despite who is watching or wanting you to fail...because that's not going to happen.

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