15 Big Time Rush Songs To Listen To While We Pray For A Reunion
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15 Big Time Rush Songs To Listen To While We Pray For A Reunion

You're a giant turd if you don't want a Big Time Rush reunion as much as you wanted a Jonas Brothers one.

15 Big Time Rush Songs To Listen To While We Pray For A Reunion

The Jonas Brothers are back and the world has almost imploded because of it. I am among the nostalgic fangirls who have recently begun to jam out to the old songs that we definitely forget were bops.

Now that we have something good in this chaotic-evil world, it is with great pleasure that I submit my formal request for the other loves of my life, Big Time Rush, to reunite. While I acknowledge it is unlikely, I will jam to these 15 throwbacks until my wishes are fulfilled.

I implore you to do the same with this playlist I made (and linked for you) at the end of the article.

1. "Big Time Rush"

You can't have Big Time Rush without "Big Time Rush." It's the only life you got BTR, you gotta live it big time by becoming a band again. Please.

2. "Til I Forget About You"

We couldn't ever forget about you BTR. We MISS you.

3. "Halfway There"

This one is my personal favorite song they've ever done. Us BTR fans definitely "take what comes and we keep on going," while we wait for BTR to reunite.

4. "If I Ruled the World"

You already know what joke I'm thinking of.

(P.S. it was "If I Ruled the World BTR would reunite").

5. "Nothing Even Matters"

...if BTR doesn't reunite sometimes soon.

6. "Boyfriend" (feat. Snoop Dog)

Remember when Snoop Dog was tight with the BTR boys and sang this song with them on the Kids' Choice Awards.

7. "Worldwide"

Hopefully when the BTR boys reunite, they'll go on a "Worldwide" tour so I can see them perform live. I'm still really petty I didn't get to go when they were together.

8. "City Is Ours"

One of my favorite lyrics is from this song: "Cars *beep beep* when they pass us by." Like, what else are they gonna do? Moo?

9. "Any Kind of Guy"

Still waiting for a guy to love me the way Carlos PenaVega loves Alexa Vega, aka the girl from "Spy Kids."

10. "Famous"

I think all of the BTR boys would see a large increase in their net worth and recognition if they got back together. Just saying.

11. "I Know You Know" (feat. Cymphonique)

I know and you know that we want need a BTR reunion in order for world peace to restored.

12. "Elevate"

I will definitely be elevated off the ground if I get the news notification that BTR is reuniting.

13. "24/7"

I pray "24/7" for a BTR reunion. If we all start maybe we can get what we want need.

14. "Cover Girl"

I have to include the ballad that makes every girl cry the first time they hear it. Love your SO's this way people!!!!

15. "Windows Down"

I will be blasting any new music from my car with all of my windows down (not really because I have anxiety and don't like drawing attention to myself, but you all get the joke).

BONUS: "The Giant Turd Song" is what started it all. It's not technically an officially released song, but it is included with all of these songs in this YouTube Playlist I made for you all.

Also, in case you were unaware, Big Time Rush is available on Hulu, with a subscription. You can guess what I've been binging lately.

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