Why It’s Better And Healthier To Travel Than To Always Stay In One Place
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Why It’s Better And Healthier To Travel Than To Always Stay In One Place

Why It’s Better And Healthier To Travel Than To Always Stay In One Place
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A couple of weeks ago, I went on a cruise to the U.S. Virgin Islands and the Bahamas. It was my third cruise and it was just as sensational as my first and second cruise. I'm extremely fortunate to have parents that make enough to travel as much as our family does. Most of the time, I learn so much more from being anywhere else but home. Here are some reasons, reflecting on what I've experienced, of why it is so important to go on a vacation at least once every year of your life:

1.You learn a lot more

From my experience of going on a cruises, I have learned so much more about various islands I've been to probably than I ever could have from reading a book about what they're like. Every moment of your experience in another state or in a country or island is a story you can share with other people that will make them want to go and see for themselves what it's like (almost like watching the history channel). You also learn different relationships between where you are and where you travel. For example, in St. Martin, I thought it was interesting that the water was so much more clear than the water in Virginia Beach so I figured it must have had something to do with the way they handle pollution there.

2. You interact with different people

When you go to a new place there will always be new faces and new personalities that may seem a little unfamiliar and when you interact with people that aren't familiar to you, you learn more from them because they give you a sense of how they interact with other people and vice versa. It's always a good thing to talk to people you're not used to talking to because it opens up you're perspective of how you see various versions of the human race.

3. You're more active and probably sleep better

Most likely, when you are away from home, you're more motivated to want to explore and go on adventures. Because people that travel are so active, they get a good night sleep from being tired after a long day of soaking up new weather or, just in general, soaking up change.

4. You become more responsible from making mistakes elsewhere

In my opinion, when you first drink a beer or another alcoholic drink, it's better to drink it somewhere else where you don't know anyone because then you can realize how you act later on and not feel as embarrassed. Also, when you forget something in another country or on an island, you realize after coming back home how important it is to keep track of your belongings and to always be cautious of your actions.

5. Most importantly, you embrace change

When you are more open to change and learning more about the world, your intellect is increased. You are less closed minded and more open minded about your surroundings as well as how you see yourself. This is the main reason why it is so important not to be cooped up in your home for most of your life. When you are, you lose Vitamin D and a chance for a healthier mindset. You loose a chance to make your life a lot more thrilling and adventurous (which is, in my opinion, the way life should be).

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