The Best 13 Television Shows To Binge Watch
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The Best 13 Television Shows To Binge Watch

Everyone loves a good TV show, and listed below are the best 13!

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I'll admit it, I am a TV addict.

I am obsessed with watching television shows. I find each show has something different to offer. My taste of TV shows can range from a funny sitcom, to reality TV, to crime scene investigation. Listed below are my top recommended shows to binge watch.

13. "Toddlers & Tiaras"

This show is self-explanatory thanks to the title. It is filled with toddlers competing against one another for tiaras. The parents are usually more into it then the children are, and it is very comedic. There is just something about watching a 40-year-old mom stand behind judges and motion her daughter through a 20-second dance.

12. "America's Next Top Model"

My addiction to television started by watching this TV show. Once you watch an episode it's impossible to not watch the next one! There is so much drama in every episode, but usually the make-over episodes are the worst. Tears are shed, hair is snipped, and eyebrows are shaved. The show is much more than just pretty models taking photographs.

11." Love Island"

"Love Island" is a British TV show that is available on Hulu. The show is about five men and women in their early twenties, who are sent to Majorca to find love. Immediately at first sight the men and women are told to couple up. They each chose a partner of the opposite sex. Every week new men and women are brought into the house, and the couples who seem the strongest, fall apart. Couples are eliminated weekly. The couple who is the public's favorite at the end can win $65,000. But there's a catch. This show is one of the highest watched shows currently in the U.K, and after watching one episode, you will see why.

10. "Quantico "

I finished watching season one of "Quantico" (22 Episodes), in one day. This show is like coffee. You have a sip of it, and you can't put it down until it's all gone. The concept behind the show was what was fascinating. You finish an episode and sit there and wonder how someone could possibly come up with such a twisted storyline. The show revolves around an FBI training group stationed in Quantico, it jumps back and forth between the camp and present day. In present day, someone who was in that group looks to be the culprit of a massive terror attack, but what you see isn't always reality.

9." Pretty Little Liars"

"Pretty Little Liars" is the type of show that will constantly have you at the edge of your seat. A group of girls has one of their friends disappear one night, and right after they receive texts from a stalker who calls themselves -A. This person watches them at all hours and makes them question how well they really know their own peers, friends, and family. Each girl has a different family dynamic rooted with secrets and lies. The show has finished its run on air but can be found online, can you figure out who -A is before they are revealed?

8. "Big Brother"

"Big Brother" is a game show where contestants live in a house and compete for safety. The show is filled with showmances, bromances, and alliances. All different characters are put into the house for hopes of winning $500,000. The show is on three times a week, but you can purchase online access to the cameras to watch 24/7.

7. "Person of Interest"

"Person Of Interest" is about two men who receive numbers, that a government computer has deemed not a threat to national security. The numbers that the men are given are for people who are either about to commit a crime or be the victim of one. You may think that they are going to prevent this person from being murdered, when it ends up that person was going to murder someone. This show is action-packed and filled with drama.

6." 60 Days In"

This is a show that not a lot of people have heard about. A group of people volunteer to go undercover in a jail. Some do it see what someone they knew had to go through, some do it as a social experiment, each individual goes in there for their own purpose. They spend 60 days being treated like a prisoner, and if their cover is figured out, it could be deadly. This show is legitimate, they are being placed in a jail cell, a jailhouse, with hardcore criminals.

5. "Criminal Minds"

Many shows revolving the FBI and solving crimes exist. "Criminal Minds" is by far the best one. I started watching a random episode of "Criminal Minds" on television one day and was hooked. On TV they usually run out of order but you can find the full seasons online. With "Criminal Minds" it helps you understand more of the motives behind the crimes. The show is dark and twisted, but interesting to see all the different parts that go into solving a crime and often times saving a life.

4. "Glee"

"Glee" was a show full of life and laughter. The show wrapped up its last season in 2015, but can be found online. The show was about a high school's Glee club. It focused on Rachel Berry who was a very interesting and dynamic person. It was full of singing and dancing, and you have to be prepared for at any given time, there be a full-on performance by a character. It also addresses serious issues that occur inside and outside of high school. Overall, it is very easy to get into "Glee" and to fall in love with the characters.

3. "Scandal"

Olivia Pope is a fixer. She fixes major issues that politicians, celebrities, and everyday people have. She and her team are trained professionals who can make people and problems, disappear. It's ironic that she is so good at fixing other people's problems but not her own. Her life is the biggest scandal of them all. The show is easy to get into and will make you wonder how many Olivia Pope's exist and have fixed issues in the world today.

2. "Grey's Anatomy"

"Grey's Anatomy" is one of the most popular shows, and if you watch just one episode, you will see why. It revolves around the life of Meredith Grey, and her life is anything but boring. The show is filled with romance and friendship. It is a perfect binge-worthy TV show, as there are a ton of characters, and you meet new patients every week. Celebrities such as Demi Lovato, Millie Bobby Brown, and Keke Palmer have appeared in episodes among others, over the years. The show is working on making it's 15th season currently, so hurry up and binge watch the other 14!

1. Lie to Me

"Lie To Me," is my favorite television show of all time. I have re watched the seasons at least 8 times now. It is a show that you can never get bored of. Cal Lightman is the name of the main character, and he is a human lie detector. The cases he works on aren't just to find out if your sister ate your ice cream, instead, they are life or death. He studies the body language of people and their micro-expressions and must then evaluate if they are lying or not. After watching a few episodes you are able to then notice the giveaways that he picks up on. It makes you think outside of the show and look for people's give a ways when they are talking to you. Do they break eye contact? Do they scratch their neck? After watching this show you will notice these signs and know what they mean.

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