5 Drake and Josh Moments That Show What It Means To Be A True Bro
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5 Drake and Josh Moments That Show What It Means To Be A True Bro

Drake and Josh: A teenage sitcom that will NEVER be obsolete to our culture.

5 Drake and Josh Moments That Show What It Means To Be A True Bro

From early 2004 to late 2007, the lives of teenagers across America were blessed with the Nickelodeon original series Drake and Josh. If you have never seen an episode of this series or some type of post regarding it, you must be living under a rock. This is one of America's famous series on television, and the two main stars of the show, Drake Bell, and Josh Peck are still relevant to this day. I watch this show STILL to this day. I kid you not, a few kids from my dorm floor got a projector and PS4, hooked them up in our "Quiet Lounge" the second night we were here, and watched an episode of Drake and Josh on my Hulu account (by the way if you are a college student I highly recommend signing up for Spotify premium for just $5 a month because you get Hulu with it for free).

Today I just want to share some classic Drake and Josh moments with you all. Last week I shared some Jim and Pam moments from The Office that would make you wish you had a relationship such as theirs. Now, this week I am going to share some of the moments these two stepbrothers share together that might make you wonder if you have someone in your life that you do crazy stuff with.

1. E = Extra Fuel

In the "Helicopter" episode, Drake and Josh go skydiving. They learn the rules through their trainer which in the end spells out the acronym "S.P.L.A.T.," which freaks them out a bit. After managing to push their pilot/trainer out of the helicopter, the two stepbrothers are left in a helicopter with low fuel, and no parachutes. When an alarm goes off indicating that they are low on fuel, Josh states desperately and somewhat sarcastically,"Maybe 'E' means 'Extra Fuel'!" Though it is obvious the 'E' means 'Empty,' Josh has the tendency to say things ironically to the situation at hand. We all have that one friend who is a bit TOO sarcastic, and Josh is definitely that person in the series.

2. Pip Pip Da Doodly Do!

In season 4, there is an episode where Megan is going on a date with a boy. Drake and Josh become suspicious of their sister's new "friend" and take action as the protective older brothers. To spy on Megan, the two "boobs" disguise themselves as Jewish men. Beards, suits, and everything else. When they run into Helen, they use these awful foreign accents and say gibberish such as,"Pip pip da doodly do!" Now obviously that means nothing in any language, which makes it even funnier that this one liner become so popular from the series. This scene just reminds me of two best friends doing some sneaky stuff to get away with something. I've done some weird things with my friends, but dressing up as two foreign dudes to spy on sibling is not one of them.

3. I'm Sorry Josh...

In season 4 episode 11, Drake goes a bit too far with taking advantage of Josh and his offers. Josh decides he is done with all of Drake's actions, and takes space from his stepbrother. As the episode goes on, it is clear that Josh does not need Drake as much as Drake needs Josh in his life. When Drake comes to this realization, he apologizes to Josh after being late to class, exposed to dangerous chemicals which leads to Drake being put into the safety shower, and being embarrassed in front of everyone. At the end of the episode, the dynamic duo comes back together to make amends, and plays a game of ping pong to end the episode. I love this episode because it shows the two actors' bond that they share on the show. It is so real and pure that it draws us as audience members into their relationship.

4. Jefferson Steelflex and Alvin Yakatori

Brothers or Criminals? In one episode, Drake and Josh use fake IDs to get into a club, but are caught by the police. Instead of grounding them, their parents put them into a "Steered Straight" program that puts them through a situation that shows them what it is actually like to break the law. After going on a trip in a police cruiser, a criminal hijacks the car they are in. The duo uses their fake names, Jefferson Steelflex and Alvin Yakatori, to hide their true identity. To get help, they take the criminal to their house, and tell him that they are going to "rob" it. The criminal decides the join them and bring his crew along. Realizing they screwed up even more, the brothers decide to get into a fake and very gory fight to scare the other criminals out of their house. They go to the extreme of biting one's finger off and beating the other with a banana. Literally, Josh lets Drake beat him up for sake of saving their house from criminals. If that doesn't show a true friendship I don't know what does.

5. Hug Me Brotha!

The classic quote,"Hug me Brotha!" Never gets old. Always occurs in the moments when the two stepbrothers get through a difficult task or have a loving moment with each other. Shows that no matter what they go through, in the end they will always be true brothers to one another. Hence why their relationship is so special and prominent to pop culture today.

Those are some of my favorite moments from Drake and Josh that display true friendship. I definitely have a group of guys that I would go out of my way for. They know who they are. Maybe I wouldn't dress as a foreign man with a full-on beard for them, but in the long run who the heck knows. Bros are forever and always got your back. Always.

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