To my dog, I will always love you
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To My Beloved Dog, I Will Always Love You

It is the feeling of losing your best friend and a piece of your family.

To My Beloved Dog, I Will Always Love You
Makalah Hardy

Bringing Bella, my family's pit bull, home almost eleven years ago was one of the best days ever. From the moment my family set our eyes on that dog, we knew she was going to be special. Almost eleven years later, she's gone. From the last time I saw her, I loved that cute pit face that most people would have been scared of. Seeing the pain in her eyes, I knew she was due to leave this world, but facing that fact has been extremely hard.

The moment I received the text about the passing of Bella, I was broken.

This dog has been in my life for as long as I can remember.

From the day we brought her home to the last time I saw her, she has always been such a light in my families life. Always has been the most behaved dog ever, more behaved than the other three pups in our house. Bella went through all of the change our family went through in the past years, from moving houses to adding new puppy family members. Bella has always been with us for it all and now we have to go on without her.

After being away from home for college and going home on breaks and always being greeted by her cute face and wagging tail was always a happy moment but there will be no welcome home from her any longer. No morning cuddles when she wakes up and no car rides through fast food drive-thrus. I can't seem to face the fact that she is gone and going home will never be the same.

Losing Bella was not just losing a pet, it was losing a best friend and a family member.

Losing her was one of the hardest things I have ever done. A life without Bella never seemed possible. Bella was always supposed to live forever but as she got older, reality set in. I always knew Bella was getting old and pass away but it was never supposed to be this soon. She was supposed to have years left, not just a week.

Bella made our house a home, simply by being there. She completed the family and always made everyone so happy. She was simply the BEST dog ever and will forever hold a place in my heart.

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