Becoming a freelancer: ten steps to self-employment
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Becoming a freelancer: ten steps to self-employment

Becoming a freelancer is trendy. In times of co-working spaces and digital nomads, the freelance career is growing rapidly.

Becoming a freelancer: ten steps to self-employment

Maybe there is a pinch of coolness in the job title. But why is the step into self-employment worthwhile? And how do you actually become a freelancer? Here are reasons, tips, and a free 10-step plan from for a successful restart. Over the years have been accelerating companies in the digitization process.

Why become a freelancer?

The reasons for starting your own business are as varied and individual as the experiences of freelancers. Often, but not always, the decision to leave the company and take up a job is a personal dissatisfaction:

  • Under-work and restrictions in permanent employment
  • The desire for new challenges
  • Longing for freedom of choice and responsibility
  • A coincidental business idea can also be a reason for starting your own business.

Independence and flexibility

In fact, it is independence, the desire to be your own boss and to determine what you work for, which is the decisive factor in quitting your old job and breaking new ground into freelance work. As a freelancer, you are more flexible not only in deciding what to do, but also in how to do something. People who opt for a career as a self-employed person often have precisely this claim.

The much-valued flexibility also brings other advantages. Depending on the job, freelancers can not only decide where to work - in the home office, in the café, in the co-working space or even on the beach - but also when. In addition to local independence, you have certain freedom in choosing your project partners and can (or have to) say "no" to unsuitable projects. The advantages are obvious: Successful freelancers are completely free and decide for themselves which job to accept, where, with whom and when to work.


The desire for independence is closely linked to the need for self-realization. "Do your own thing", take full responsibility, take risks and seize opportunities. But also: finally do what you really like, what you can identify with and what you stand behind 100%.

Or just take the initiative and implement something. What is often propagated as welcome in the company as a permanent employee is not quite as popular in reality. The deadlines are too tight, the processes too bogged down. But it is human nature to want to realize oneself. As a freelancer, this need is automatically met.

Professional and personal development

As is well known, knowledge is power and expert knowledge is like superpowers in the labor market. Freelancers, as experts in their fields, are, so to speak, superheroes on the job market. However, this expert status is not simply retained for life. Much more freelancers are required to continually develop in order to stay up to date and so their competitors to stay one step ahead.

In addition, frequent changes in the environment are part of it: changing business partners, requirements, work locations and activities - you have to be agile and remain flexible. This not only leads to professional, but also to personal growth.

Financial possibilities

In addition to all the emotional reasons that speak for a career in freelance work, there is also a very rational aspect: Freelancing can be financially very attractive. Depending on the industry and requirements, the earning opportunities for freelancers are significantly better than in an employee.

Current labor market trends

But not only personal factors or the good earning potential speak in favor of a career as a freelance expert - general labor market trends also favor a future in freelancing. Alternative working time models and an expanded understanding of work-life balance as well as new workplace requirements are playing an increasingly important role for employees and employers. That makes it more difficult to fill jobs quickly and effectively. This is where "external parties" often come into play. With their know-how and often greater flexibility, freelancers are able to fill such gaps quickly and competently.

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