Beck and Joe do not deserve each other.
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Why Joe And Beck Do Not Deserve Each Other

Joe and beck did not end up together because of their differences in everything.

Why Joe And Beck Do Not Deserve Each Other

From the 2018 Netflix's new TV series there were two main characters respectfully names like Joe and Beck. This show was mostly about their life together as couples and how they ended up together. As we all know this show is a psychological thriller show. This show was liked by so many people because of the two main characters; Joe and Beck. Both of them do not deserve each other because both of them are wrong for each other.

Joe is a bookseller at a book store who instantly fall in love with Beck and becomes obsessed with her and her life. He got rid of all her obstacles in her life. She got over her ex-boyfriend, and she got new opportunities in writing her first book. BUT the problem is that he was actually stalking her to know about her life.

He stole her phone and saw every text message that she was sending to her friends. He looked at her on social media. He stalked her outside her house and looking at her every movement. And finally, when she falls in love with the person he portrayed in front of her, she came to know all the truth. And, he eventually killed her because she can't love him.

Beck was not a total innocent in these situations. She also lied to everyone, but she did not deserve to die. Whatever she did, she did it because she wanted a better life just like everyone. She was looking for the break in her life. She was waiting for her book to be released, and in the process, she might have thought that flirting and lying a little does not matter much.

Both of them wanted love in their life, but what they got was lies all their life. Joe did not have parents; he was raised by his guardian very poorly. His first love cheated on him, and he killed her too. Beck's parents divorced and were not stable with money. Somehow they find each other, but they are both different people and they want different things in life.

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