Beauty On A Budget
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Beauty On A Budget

At home beauty tips for everyone who wants to save money while looking and feeling fab at the same time.

Beauty On A Budget

Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to have a lot of money to feel and look your best. There are SO many celebrities, social media influencers, and beauty gurus that have made a ton of money, and therefore spend it on lip filler, cheek fillers, nose jobs - you name it, they've gotten it. The thing that bothers me about it is they still advocate for "natural beauty," but that's another thing I won't get into now.

What matters is that WE, who are broke (or just don't have people asking to speak highly of their brand's product that they are getting paid for) also need to feel beautiful and confident and all that jazz.

1. Low on Mascara?

Are you low on mascara and don't wanna spend more money on ANOTHER tube? Simply take your mascara that's running low, turn on the hot water in your sink, and run the outside of the tube under it for about 15-20 seconds, and then follow the same steps with your wand, dip your wand into the tube and mix it around a little, and VOILA, it's like you bought a new mascara for a couple of days. If you still don't want to buy a new tube, repeat the process every time you wanna put it on.

2. Coconut oil for EVERYTHING

There are literally so many things you can use coconut oil for. No matter if it's your diet, or just your dry skin, coconut oil is your best friend. Here are some things you can use it as:

1. Relieve skin irritation

2. Relieve insect bites

3. Reduce hair damage

4. Soothe chapped lips

5. Removes makeup

6. Lock in moisture after a shower

7. Natural highlighter

8. Brush cleaner

3. Heat- up your lashes 

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Do you want even curlier lashes than just curling them with a curler? Take your hair dryer and heat up your lash curler for a few seconds and use it as normal.

4. Vaseline or Moisturizer as makeup remover

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When I first started using makeup, I would use Vaseline to take off my makeup and I didn't know any different. It was a natural moisturizer for my face and it took off my makeup well too. Moisturizer also does the trick without the oily residue it leaves on your face.

5.DIY Body Scrubs 

How you'll be when you first shave your legs after a body scrub


My mom recently got into DIY body scrubs and her homemade one includes Neutrogena body oil and Pink Himalayan Salt she got from the grocery store (I think they were both from Costco). She applies it before shaving her legs, cleans off the excess salt and shaves with the oil still on her legs. But, seriously, you can make a face mask out of ANYTHING. I found a body scrub recipe for MARGARITA body scrub and I really wanna try it out.

6. Face Mist


To refresh your face, use a DIY fresh face mist by putting your favorite tea in a cup of cold water, letting it sit for a couple of hours, then transferring it to a misting bottle. Perfect, and refreshing way to keep your face feeling alive and young.

7.  Rose Water

Rose water is another type of multi-use thing. Of course you might not have it on your shelf in your house, but you can find it at places like Walmart for only $9.56. It can be used for calming your skin, face masks, used with your shampoo and conditioner, and as a makeup remover. Personally I LOVE the Mario Badescu Rose Water, Aloe and Herbs facial spray, and I usually buy the 4 fluid ounce bottle for $5 and it usually lasts me a while, but it's also sold at Ulta for $7 and I believe it's on the Mario Badescu website for the same price.

8. Apple Cider Vinegar

Another natural beauty tool. It too brightens your skin tone with one tablespoon and two cups of water! Surprisingly, it also whitens teeth and is a natural mouthwash, simply gargle with it before brushing your teeth. If the flavor is too bitter for you, you can also dilute it and it will work just the same.

9. Raspberries and Coconut Oil

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Yes, she's back to say more about coconut oil! This time, it's for a natural lip tinter. In a small saucepan on low heat, add one tablespoon of coconut oil. Wait until it liquifies then remove from the stove and add four red raspberries (fresh or frozen). Mash the berries and blend until they're smooth, then place the mashed berries in a small glass container and refrigerate until it's firm. Smooth over your lips for a gorg rosy tint!

10. Aloe Vera

My family has an Aloe plant in our house, and, especially during the summer when sunburn is practically contagious in my house (we're all pale), it is a God send. Aloe plants are so different from the store-bought product because it's natural and it makes the sunburn heal twice as fast, whereas it doesn't even feel like the product works. My mom always keeps an aloe leaf in the freezer this way it can be cold, and it lasts longer while spreading in wherever the burn is.

HOWEVER, aloe vera is not only for sunburn. In fact, there are way more beauty hacks such as brow gel (you would never think of that, right? but it would totally work). It's also a great moisturizer, insect bite healer, you can put it in scrubs, it fights acne, anti- frizz gel, and a natural shaving creams.

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