Every summer, millions of people flock to the Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland beaches for vacation. Some people even drive all the way to the Carolina beaches, or even fly down to Florida! It could be for a day, a week, or it could be every single weekend (if you have a beach house). Whenever you go or however often it is, the beaches are always packed and most, in my opinion, are kind of dirty. The sand gets in everything - your food, your drinks, your towels, your bathing suit (and butt crack). The water is just gross and there are sharks in it.

The sun is always so hot that you just sweat the whole time you sit at the beach. In fact, it's kind of boring being on the beach. Corn-hole and Can Jam are only fun for so long. And, I don't know about you, but no matter how much sunscreen I put on or how regularly I apply it, I always get a really bad sunburn. Then there is the boardwalk, full of sketchy rides, too many people, and fudge shops every few feet. The beach is overrated as a vacation spot. Lakes, on the other hand, are underrated. Here are a few reasons why you should rent a lake house for a week or even just take a day trip to kayak!

1. No waves!


One reason I hate going into the ocean is the waves. I don't like getting pushed around and splashed in the face. In a lake, you don't have to worry about that. Sometimes there is a current, but it's nothing like ocean waves.

2. Less people.


I'm not big on crowds. The beach is always packed with screaming children and people playing music. Lakes are quite the opposite. They are quiet, calm, and relaxing.

3. It's cooler on the water.


Sitting in the sand gets HOT but laying out on a paddle board on the lake isn't half bad. The air above the water is much cooler than that on the shore, so you don't sweat your balls off the whole time.

4. There is more to do.


At the beach, you only have a few options: boogie boarding, sand castle making, digging holes, playing volleyball, laying out, reading a book, playing games... and you can still do all of that at the lake, but there is also so much MORE, too. At a lake, you can engage in recreational water sports, like kayaking, paddle boarding, fishing, water skiing, canoeing, etc.

5. There are mountains for more fun!


Most lakes are surrounded by mountains, of which you can hike and camp around. Camping is always a good time (as long as you remember to bring bug spray!)