18 Costumes You Want To Avoid This Halloween
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18 Basic Halloween Costumes That Need To Retire...FOR GOOD!

We get it, you're a mouse. We got the message last year too, and the year before that.

18 Basic Halloween Costumes That Need To Retire...FOR GOOD!

We all know that there's a difference between Halloween and Halloween in college. For my fellow college students, this is the best part about the fall semester.

I know you're wondering what you are going to dress up as this year. I must say, people have really been stepping it up with special effects makeup and crazy costumes. That's pretty much what Halloween is about! But I also understand that us college students are on a tight budget and sometimes we tend to recycle old things to save money. And yes, I'm referring to these basic Halloween costumes that EVERY girl wears. You already know the type of costumes that I am referring to, ladies….

No, this isn't me being a hater. In fact, I've actually worn some of these costumes in the past. However, I kept getting tired of seeing people who were dressed like me, and I felt so unoriginal. It's like wearing the same dress as someone else when you wanted to stand out. If you don't care about being basic, go ahead! You'll look great! But if you catch yourself wearing the same thing every year, are you really doing Halloween right? Here are some of the most overused costume ideas that you may want to avoid this year:

1. Mouse

I mean, you should have got the hint in my sub-headline. Yes, everyone loves a Mean Girls reference, but if everyone is doing it, is it really a classic anymore? Whiskers and ears every Halloween are always déjà vu to me.

2. Playboy Bunny

Take a shot for every time you see a girl with black bunny ears, a bodysuit, poofy tail, fishnet stockings, and thigh high boots. Are you drunk yet? (As an exception, you can get a little creative with this.)

3. Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn and the Joker are complete couple goals, but now it's just too much. It was cute and expected in 2016 after Suicide Squad hit theaters, but it needs to retire. If you are trying to reach "couple status," you're better off going for Kimye?

4. Cat

THE MOST BASIC HALLOWEEN OUTFIT IN HISTORY! This one should have been #1, but I couldn't choose. Cat costumes were "okay" in middle school, but college? Like I said for the mouse, whiskers and cat ears are tiring. When you see someone dressed up as a cat for Halloween, just know that they pretty much ran out of ideas but still want to feel included in Halloween.

5. Purge Girl

DON'T GET ME STARTED on this one! Somewhere, there is a girl at Party City looking for a mask and bloody knife to buy while looking up sexy lingerie on Fashion Nova. Fun Fact: I actually was a purge girl for Halloween one time and when I went out in public, what felt like every other girl was dressed in the same costume as me. It was really awkward.

6. Maid

You're a housewife for Halloween? Cool. I don't know what's dustier, that little duster in your hand or your costume. Although it's cute, it isn't really cute if everyone on campus is a maid, if you know what I mean!

7. Nun

I mean, this is kind of just self-explanatory. Also, it's really disrespectful. I saw pics of girls holding bibles and using it in the wrong way. Your version of "meaning well" is definitely not what other people think.

8. Cop/Police Force

I mean, I definitely wouldn’t want to be a cop for Halloween.

9. Victoria's Secret Angel

You aren't an angel the majority of the year, so what are you saying? Once again, some people really do get creative. An angel or a devil is more acceptable.

10. Risky Business

Aka, the outfit that allows me to wear my boyfriend's shirt half-opened so people can see my new bra and long socks. I tried this one time because I was feeling cheap that year. But everyone else was dressed up like me and I thought, what was the point?

11. Franzia Wine Bottle

When 92% of you aren't 21. One person did it as a joke and now it's everywhere...

12. Bambi/Deer

This costume is pretty cool, but after a while, you get tired of seeing the same stuff. I was thinking about being Bambi but I just didn't have the energy to do it. But after seeing how many people dress up as Bambi every year, I'll pass.

13. Sexy Nerd/Schoolgirl

I wish you all kept that same energy with showing up to classes, but that's none of my business…

14. Lifeguard

Only thing you need to save is that GPA sis.

15. Baseball Player (or anything involving wearing a sports jersey)

Seriously, what's the point? You can't wear an Orioles shirt and a Yankees hat. You just CAN'T. Also, please don't wear a football jersey and then scream "GO DODGERS" because baby you're wrong...(But if you have more creative ideas, it wouldn't look so bad).

16. Jail Inmate

I love "Orange Is the New Black" and I guess every other girl does too. There are ways to get creative with this one but you know what I mean.

17. Referee

The only purpose of being a referee is to stop your friend from making the worst decision of her life. Other than that, what's the point?


This one really pisses me off and people in 2018 still don't get it. I don't care if you are 20% Cherokee sis, DO NOT appropriate a culture that clearly isn't yours. Figuring out that you're 3% something on ancestry.com doesn't mean that you are free to do as you please. If you are still wearing Native American style "costumes," dressing up as a Muslim, wearing a kimono with chopsticks (which are two different cultures too), or BLACKFACE, you are a whole idiot and you are what's wrong with society….no seriously. Other people's cultures should not be another person's costume. If you're not taking this message seriously and shrugging me off, don't be surprised if you find yourself getting punched in the face for "no reason" because it was “just a costume."

Happy Halloween my fellow college students! Get creative and be safe!

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