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1. Priscilla and Poppleton (and their little family!)

I can proudly say that my pig obsession began when I came across Priscilla and Poppleton! After some time, they added other little family members to their clan. Check them out on Instagram @prissy_pig

2. Itty bitty piggy Stella Max

Just look at that face! Stella Max can differentiate a circle with a triangle and loves treats with snuggles on the side. Stop by her Instagram @stellamaxpig

3. Double trouble Pickle

Pickle loves belly rubs, ice cream, and his little brother Professor Sprout! I'm sure you'll love him like I do, so head over to his Instagram @pickle.the.pig

4. Everyone's BFF Hank

hank on Instagram: “this is my best friend hank saying that’s the spot #bliss #smile #love #bellyrub #scratch #rollover #flop #relax #bed #cozy #cuddles #happy…”

His loyal followers feel like they have watched him grow into the cute piggy he is today! He lives for his little bird sister Rockie, chips and salsa, and dressing up as a taco. Take a look at his Instagram @mybestfriendhank

5. Stylish Liberace and Turtledove

Liberace is an adorable boy and Turtledove is a tiny baby girl. They are oh-so very stylish and if I were you, I'd make their day by complimenting their runway ready outfits @liberace_minipig_divadude

6. The princess herself Penelope

Penelope is a little bundle of love and kids love her too! Her biggest protector is her brother Princeton the Pitbull. She does need her biggest fan ever, and it could be you check her out @penelope_the_minipig

7. The non-forbidden Apple

I think it's safe to say Apple loves getting down and dirty, but she likes her naps too! Follow her @appletheminipig

8. Barking Francis

This little boy can bark. Yes, you read that right! He's a chill piggy and he would love for you to follow his adventures! @sirfrancisminipig

9. Good ol' Lulu Snow

Out of all the piggies on the list, LuLu Snow has to be youngest one here at six months old! She's perfect, isn't she? You can see her more often here @lt.lulusnow

10. Pump it Up

Pumpernickel loves sweet potatoes, dress up, the sun, and you! Go follow his account @pumpernickel_the_minipig