Level Up Your Website by Having an App
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Level Up Your Website by Having an App

You have to have an app. This is the cheap way of having one

Level Up Your Website by Having an App
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Now that you have a successful website and the traffic to your website is reaching its limits, you might be thinking that you have become as successful as you possibly could. However, as someone had wisely said, only the sky's the limit, and that is exceptionally true about the online world. You can still reach a lot more users worldwide and up your sales. All you need to increase your online presence is to design an app and launch it.

What you have to understand is that there are more search engines out there other than Google and Bing. These include app-based search engines available in the many app stores. Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Apple are tech giants with a domain authority of over 90. This exceptional score makes them extremely trusted among users and any app available on their app stores comes with a seal of authenticity.

Launching an app in such app stores is going to automatically bring in a lot more prestige and trust from users towards you. Thus, this altogether helps in getting you more traffic. There are two kinds of apps that you could be going for.

  • Individual App for Your website

One option that you could go for is to design apps for your website from scratch. You have to contact an app developer who will chalk out the app based on your website. However, this is going to be an expensive ordeal. An app is like an extension of your website with all the functionality in your website and maybe more. Thus, an app developer has to write down the entire code for your website coupled with a few tweaks here and there. This makes designing an app from scratch quite an expensive affair.

To put up a comparison, designing an app will cost you approximately the same as designing a website. Nowadays, since ready-made websites are available at very cheap rates around 150 USD, you need to spend about 600 USD at least for a decent app. On the other hand, if you are a big company and your website costs you 10,000 USD, your app is also going to cost you 10,000 USD. You have to also keep in mind that separate apps need to be designed for Microsoft, iOS, and Android devices since the source code is different. All of these makes such apps a very expensive affair.

  • Web-view Apps

A great example of a money saving approach to creating apps was a startup that focused on soccer. After spending over 20k on a website, not much money has been left for an app. If there was any, then the destination was meant to be marketing. There are several options to choose from if you are looking for cheaper alternatives to developing a full-scale app. Several online platforms allow you to design DIY apps wherein you would simply drag and drop tools to create a functional app. These are cheap and you'd have to pay a subscription fee on a monthly or annual basis.

The web-view apps are different from these. They serve as a window to the original website and 95% of users won’t even be able to tell the difference. These “apps” are available in the various app stores and will be available as an individual icon on your phone. However, when you open the app, it will redirect you to the original website with all the functions active. In this case, the developer has to write only a few lines of code to develop the window to your site and thus this costs much less. You are sure to get such a web-view app at prices as low as 30 USD. For a website that required 10,000-20,000 USD for creation, the consequent web-view app could be developed at 1% of the cost thus saving the company some money too.

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