An Angry Letter to Trump Supporters/Those Who Don't Speak out
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Politics and Activism

An Angry Letter to Trump Supporters/Those Who Don't Speak out

Your silence and lack of care is violent.

An Angry Letter to Trump Supporters/Those Who Don't Speak out

If you think racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, nativism, ableism, marginalization, or hateful language is not significant enough for you to hold the president of the United States accountable for, then your silence against his language is violent. If you support Donald Trump, sorry not sorry to break it to you but you are a racist. If you believe the ban of an entire group of people is “taking the right measures to protect America” then you are blinded by your own ignorance. If you do not see how marginalizing groups of people by highlighting stereotypical ideologies and generalizing is not wrong and problematic then you are a part of the problem. If you claim to be pro-life, but dehumanize refugees, then you are pro-fetus, not pro-life. If you think America just “needs to ride out these four years” and don’t think there will be a lasting impact of Trump’s presidency, such as appointing a Supreme Court justice, you are wrong. If you believe building a wall to keep out “illegals” is the right thing to do, understand that your comfortable life was built on the blood and sweat of natives and the white man was the first “illegal” in this country, which colonized, oppressed and systemically dismantled the power of those who were here first. If you think everyone in this country has equal rights or opportunity to succeed, then you have turned a blind eye on the disabled community, women, trans and gay community, marginalized/colored community, and natives of this nation. If you’re only willing to hold a sign of a vagina up to represent women but neglect the trans community and their rights, then you are a part of the oppression against women. If you are “annoyed” at all the groups of people “complaining” then you need to check your privilege.

I am tired of sugar coating my anger and language for the comfort of others. I am angry, frustrated and hurt by people in my family, friend groups and society. I am shocked at the lack of care or passion some people have to help one another or understand one another. I am dumbfounded by some people’s lack of interest in politics. I have grown tired of the silence of people who claim not to care. You should care, you have to care, and if you were born privileged enough that Trump does not impact you to the extend it does other people then you need to care the most and support your fellow Americans who are on the front lines of his legislative measures. Speak out, speak loud and do not stutter when you do. I am insulted when people claim they like Trump because he’s not “politically correct”. Everything is political. Every ideology, system, shift in power, legislative action, media coverage, and action we take is a political one. Let’s stop making out politics to be a bad thing and get involved to change it. We need to do better people.

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