Andrew Cuomo Has Handled The Coronavirus Better Than Donald Trump
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8 Ways Andrew Cuomo Has Handled The Coronavirus Crisis BETTER Than Donald Trump

In a time when our president has completely botched the handling of this pandemic, having a moment where a politician is fighting against it with truth and a sense of urgency is something Americans desperately need.

8 Ways Andrew Cuomo Has Handled The Coronavirus Crisis BETTER Than Donald Trump

On March 24, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo gave a press conference to update constituents and the media on the spread of the coronavirus in New York. Cuomo was lucid, emphatic, and connected while talking about the truth of the situation.

In a time when President Donald Trump has completely botched the handling of this pandemic, having a moment where a politician is fighting against it with truth and a sense of urgency is something Americans are welcoming and honoring across social media.

Trump has been critical of Cuomo, going back and forth with him on Twitter about his handling of the coronavirus. Trump said that he has to "do more." And he also called on Cuomo to keep politics out of the conversation.

According to The Daily Beast, Trump said that when dealing with governors and states responding to the coronavirus "It's a two-way street... they have to treat us well, too."

While leaders like Trump are finding ways to argue, fight, and not do much real work, Cuomo has stepped up as a leader in more ways than one throughout this crisis as New York has become the hotspot of the coronavirus in the United States.

Here are eight ways Governor Cuomo has handled the crisis way better than Trump:

1. He is telling the truth in a time when that's hard but necessary

Telling people that the peak of the coronavirus is still looming in the near future is a tough move. On the one hand, people deserve the truth so they can make arrangements and keep safe. But on the other hand, this kind of thing can create a lot of fear in people.

But leaders have a moral duty to tell the truth, especially when times get tough, and that's exactly what Governor Cuomo is doing.

2. He values the American people over the stock market

Trump has suggested that the stock market is more important than American lives and Cuomo is raging against that notion stating that there is a way to balance the economy while maintaining a culture of containing the virus.

To a headstrong capitalist like Trump, people can be conflated to monetary value far too. Especially in a time when the stock market is in a downward plunge, verging on the brink of total collapse. Cuomo is making it a point to say that while the economy is obviously important, its salvation should not come at the cost of human lives.

3. He is being creative in a time where creativity can save lives

Sometimes in crises, you need to think creatively. New York simply does not have the number of ventilators needed to respond to the demand for them. So splitting ventilators might actually be a life-saving move in many cases.

4. He has compassion for people

5. He is calling out the Trump administration on a national stage.

6. He is holding FEMA accountable when accountability is what we need most in America.

7. Cuomo is creating more beds in makeshift hospitals with the help of the New York National Guard

While Cuomo has a history with closing down hospitals, he is taking action when it counts to right his wrongs and help to create beds when he desperately needs them.

If pride was something that motivated Cuomo, he might not create beds and might pretend that the problem was not as serious, but this action can possibly be seen as the governor attempting to right a wrong he made in the past.

Regardless, his action in creating more beds is exactly what the people of New York need right now.

8. He is holding the federal government accountable for not doing all they could be doing to help.

According to Cuomo, the federal government currently has a stockpile of 20,000 ventilators that they have not released. This stockpile would certainly help New York as it struggles to accrue around 30,000 ventilators to meet the needs of New York citizens.

* * *

At the end of the day, what leadership is about is honesty, action, and compassion. Cuomo is showing all of those merits in a time where America, and especially New York, desperately need it. The same cannot be said for other leaders in our country — including Trump.

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