An Atlanta Weekend
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An Atlanta Weekend

A New Yorker's quick weekend in Atlanta.

An Atlanta Weekend

On a weekend visit to Atlanta, I had to adjust to people being personable and congenial to me. Although I had lived in the South before, I had to get reacquainted with southern hospitality due to visiting from Brooklyn. Atlanta Uber drivers are very down to earth, offer snacks, and provide great genuine conversations. The opposite is the lay of the land from Brooklyn Uber drivers. The southern hospitality is provided not only from the Uber drivers, but restaurant servers, cashiers, or random people giving suggestions. Brooklyn is a dope and unique place to live, but short on the warmth more often than not.

I touched down on Friday night and visited the Clermont Lounge where Jack Black pulled up for some Pabst Blue Ribbon. The Clermont Lounge is the antithesis to the typical “Atlanta” strip club. You will not see Future or Gucci Mane in this spot like you would in Magic City. You are more likely to see Robert Deniro here. The crowd is an eclectic mix of bohemians, Patagonia wearers, professionals, and hipsters. The entertainers tend to be older. The inside of the venue had a country bar feel. Cameras are not allowed inside. On the outside of the establishment you can even grab a piece of barbecued deliciousness.

If brunch is your thing, Atlanta is the place. On Saturday I brunched at Buttermilk Kitchen in Buckhead. You can get some buttermilk pancakes or a buttermilk chicken biscuit with pepper jelly on the side. There may be a line before sitting down and feeding your face, but if you are into coffee grab a bottomless cup and wait before you show love to your taste buds.

Saturday night led me to The EARL. The EARL stands for East Atlanta Restaurant and Lounge. There I ran across the sounds of Athens, Georgia-based band Maserati. They are a based on instrumentals that remind me somewhat of Kraftwerk, Justice, and Daft Punk to a small extent.

Also on Saturday night within walking distance of The Earl is The Glenwood where I grabbed a beer and had some warm pecan pie. At this venue I took in the sights and sounds of a classic hip-hop night called “Boom Bap Saturday.” At the event one can partake in the classic hip-hop which ranges from The Roots, Fu-Schnickens, The Jungle Brothers, or even Ghostface Killah.

On Saturday evening I visited The Krog Street Market which is a great place to grab a Sweetwater beer, get a shot of whiskey, and watch your favorite college sports team battle it out on the gridiron. There are many brews on tap here and a very festive environment. I actually saw the club promoter from Episode 8 of Childish Gambino’s show “Atlanta.”

Not far from the Krog Street Market is the Atlanta Beltline which can connect one to many spots in the city of Atlanta which I visited also on Saturday evening. The Beltline is a great place to see views of “the city too busy to hate”, exercise, meet people, admire dope murals along the way and get to other places along the way. A location off the Atlanta Beltline is the Ponce City Market where you can grab a bite to eat, shop, sip your favorite brand of coffee, or have a festive social gathering. There are many eateries inside that can suit many different types of palates

Another brunch spot also in Buckhead called Another Broken Egg is where I patronized on a Sunday. There will be a line, but it is well worth the wait. You can feast here on an array of omelettes or eggs benedict. Personally, I got the savory shrimp and grits.

A Sunday stroll led me through Little Five Points where there are many unique boutiques, coffee shops, restaurants, lounges, and music events going on. I had the pleasure of going to the Sevananda Natural Foods Market which is a co-op grocer that is community and consumer owned.

Aside from Beltline murals, there are also murals in Cabbagetown where I visited Sunday evening. There are many different murals inside the Krog Street tunnel. Around the corner from the tunnel are walls of murals by local artists. Shot out to the Instagram accounts of @thefairchild and @joekingatl who have art on these Cabbagetown walls.

On a cold fall day head to Taiyo Ramen where I had Sunday supper. You can get different types of ramen that range from kimchi beef to vegetable to duck. Add in your favorite flavor bomb for an extra kick.

After a good weekend, it was time to head back to Gotham. Although I felt tired I also appreciated the southern comfort I received from the “A.”

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