14 Highlights From The American Music Awards 2016
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14 Highlights From The American Music Awards 2016

Everything you need to know incase you missed the show.

14 Highlights From The American Music Awards 2016

The American Music Awards are always fun to watch and is most likely what a lot of people will be talking about at work and school over over the next few days. There were plenty of noteworthy performances and award recipients, but here are the key points incase you missed the show or need a refresher.

1. Bruno Mars kicked off the show with a great performance of 24K Magic

I don’t know how anyone can not like this song. It just made me want to stand up and dance in my living room. He’s a truly amazing performer and it was a great way to set a wonderful mood for the rest of the show.

2. Gigi Hadid and Jay Pharoah host

Their opening monologue was, not great. The political references were flat out awkward, and most of the jokes were over scripted. It all seemed to drag on a little too long. Gigi’s teleprompter reading was only somewhat non cringeworthy. You could feel how nervous she was through the television.

3. Gigi’s outfit changes were just alright

Gigi Hadid’s first red dress showed off her flawless mile long legs. This dress was my favorite outfit of hers the entire night. Her second outfit was a white jacket and shorts with embellishments and fringe. She wore that outfit a little too long. Next, she had on a muted pink snakeskin cutout dress. The color washed her out a little. Gigi was then in a black dress that had a keyhole cutout and a centered slit. She also wore a sheer jeweled jumpsuit, and the only highlight here was that her hair looked the best in this outfit.

4. Twenty One Pilots had a good night

The first award of the night for favorite pop/rock duo or group went to Twenty One Pilots, which was their first American Music Award. They seem like very low key normal guys. In their performance, they wore black ski masks covering their entire face, which was strange, and probably really hot. Luckily, both of them were wearing sleeveless shirts. The performance had high energy and was entertaining. Favorite alternative rock artist also went to Twenty One Pilots.

5. No more One Direction

Niall Horan performed and it was pleasant, and he sounded good. The song is cute, and I’m sure it’s every 14-year-old girl’s favorite song right now. Zayn was there and won the new artist of the year award. I was hoping they would show Niall in the audience while Zayn was saying thanks, but they didn’t. It was awkward when Zayn questioned if it was only his name on the award he just received. Pretentious prick. He didn't thank his host girlfriend Gigi which I was also hoping he would, especially because we all know they have a very public relationship. They showed Gigi and Zayn share a hug and quick kiss after accepting his award.

6. Will we ever get sick of Closer by The Chainsmokers? No.

The Chainsmokers performed with Halsey and Travis Barker. Halsey was rocking her super short hair and an oversized distressed sweatshirt. The chemistry wasn't as hot as it was at the MTV Video Music Awards this year, but it was still a fun performance. Travis Barker came out halfway through the song and was unfortunately clouded with way too much smoke. Ciara presented the award for favorite electronic dance music artist. The Chainsmokers won and were funny about how they weren't prepared to win.

7. Drake looked fineeeeee

About 40 minutes into the show the second award of the night was presented, favorite rap/hiphop album, which went to Drake. It was also Drake’s first AMA and he received a standing ovation. He looked great. Everyone loves Drake. One of the best parts of the night was the huge Apple Music advertisement in the middle of the show. They showed Jay Pharoah attempting Taylor Swift’s well-known treadmill Jumpman performance ad. Followed by Drake’s Apple music ad of him in the gym rocking to Tay’s Bad Blood. It was hilarious, definitely check it out on YouTube. Later he won favorite rap/hiphop artist.

8. Boys boys boys

James Bay performed "Let It Go" and he sounded great he gave me a big John Mayer vibe. Treat You Better and Mercy were performed by Shawn Mendes and it was adorable when they showed girls singing the words in the audience. The Weeknd performed Starboy inside a cool reflective cave on the stage. The audience couldn't see him for most of their performance, but we could at home. John Legend was introduced by his wife Chrissy Teigen, the performance had photos on the various screens and it seemed like a lot of the images were fan submitted, it was great to see the incorporation of his fans and love into the performance.

9. Still have Bieber fever

Justin Bieber was not physically there but that didn't stop him from contributing an amazing performance to the award show. Shot from his show in Italy where he performed Let Me Love You. There were way too many shots of girls crying, but besides that, I thought it was a great addition to the show. His tan pants bothered me, because from a far away shot it almost looked as if he wasn’t wearing pants. Just keep that in mind if any of you ever go on television.

10. Lady Gaga for president

Lady Gaga looked so amazing in her all white Brandon Maxwell pantsuit and hat. Later in the show she sang Million Reasons. She was barefoot sitting on a stool surrounded by tall grass and wildflowers playing the guitar in a black leather dress with studs. She’s incredible and she doesn't need to wear the weird outfits and have overly flashy performances to be successful.

11. Sting did a thing

Robert Downy Jr. presented Sting with the Award of Merit. There was a highlight reel showing Sting’s contributions to charities and contributions in the world of music over the decades. This all lead to a mashup performance by Sting before he accepted the award.

12. Happy birthday Future

DJ Khaled, Nicki Minaj, August Alsina, Future, and Rick Ross performed Do You Mind off of DJ Khaled’s newest album. Chris Brown and Jeremih were no shows even though they are featured on the track.

13. We all love Selena Gomez

It was great to see Selena Gomez who has been out of the spotlight for months. She looked happy and hot in her red Prada dress. She won favorite pop/rock female artist. She was very emotional in her acceptance speech and briefly discussed what she has been dealing with recently and how she felt like she had it all, yet was completely broken inside. We all send our love.

14. Ariana run pop

Ariana Grande won the biggest award of the night which was followed by a performance by Maroon 5 and Kendrick Lamar performing their song Don't Wanna Know.

Overall it was a good show, not amazing, but I had nothing better to watch that night. The showed kind of dragged on a little, there were just too many performances. Award shows need to work on their award to performance ratio. Congratulations to all the winners and all those who were nominated. They did their thing and so should you.

You do you.

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