Recently, the state of Alabama passed a bill that banned all abortions with no exceptions for rape victims or if the child is the product of an incestuous relationship. This bill has sparked outrage throughout the state and the country. Many people have shared their own stories about their experiences with sexual abuse. Other states are beginning to pass similar bills to prevent abortions from happening.

Personally, I am against abortions. I'm pro-life and always will be. When the bill was passed, I began to realize that Alabama took it way too far. If a child is born to an incestuous couple, that child is likely to have serious birth defects. This is because of the parents having similar genes. The recessive genes are more likely to be passed down to the child and cause mutations. Although mutations can still occur if there is no incestuous relationship, a child that is the product of incest is more likely to have a gene mutation than one who's not.

I've always heard "nobody will want to adopt a rape baby," when the topic of adoption comes up. To me, that doesn't matter. That child needs someone to love and care for them. A way to make sure these children are getting homes is to lower the adoption rates. It's literally impossible to adopt a child without using your life's savings. I understand that they want to ensure the child goes to a good home.

If a 14-year-old female conceives after being sexually assaulted by a male who's 33, that girl would have to have the baby if she lives in the state of Alabama. Imagine being 14 and finding out you're pregnant by your rapist. It's sad. She will be scared and have no clue what to do. What's worse is that the father can take her to court to fight for custody of the baby if she did not turn him in. I always stress to choose adoption but I don't believe a 14-year-old should have to go through this at her age.

You know you've gone too far when the President does not agree. Yes, he's pro-life but making a child who was raped have a baby is too much. Even Tomi Lahren disagrees with the bill.

We should really not be surprised that this happened considering that Alabama is a very conservative state.

If you don't like the bill, do something instead of posting your thoughts on social media. Write to the Governer. Use your voice and be heard. We can make this better! We will make this better!