A List Of All The Things I’ve Tried While In Quarantine That I Otherwise Never Would Have Made Time For
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A List Of All The Things I’ve Tried While In Quarantine That I Otherwise Never Would Have Made Time For

Though I am certainly not a homebody, being stuck inside has given me a chance to finally try out some new things I otherwise never would've attempted.

A List Of All The Things I’ve Tried While In Quarantine That I Otherwise Never Would Have Made Time For
Makayla Bush

For most of us college students, Coronacation began during spring break, and we expected(or maybe just hoped) to be back in our college towns within a couple of weeks. Of course, that didn't pan out, as schools across the nation shut down and sent students home for the remainder of the semester. If you're like me, that sent you hours from school, your job, your social life, and the town you had grown to call home. Meanwhile, while your life has been uprooted and your regular routine interrupted, you try and find ways to best occupy your time.

As for me, here are a few of the things that I've tried out while being stuck in the house.

I (semi-permanently) dyed my hair pink and purple.

Makayla Bush

As someone who works different jobs all throughout the year, I have held multiple positions where employees could not dye their hair unnatural colours. Since COVID put my working days to a halt, I decided to take advantage of the break to switch things up, and I was not disappointed! I definitely recommend taking this time away from our professional settings to try something a little more spontaneous and fun that we otherwise wouldn’t be able to do.

I trimmed my own hair.

Makayla Bush

And I don't mean just fixing up my bangs. I whole ass cut my hair all by myself, gave myself a much-needed couple-inch trim(which is a huge step for me, as someone who gets so busy throughout the semester that I'll get a haircut once, MAYBE twice in the whole 16 weeks). Getting rid of those dead ends worked WONDERS on my hair texture. Here’s the before and after, scrunching my hair in the same way with the same products. It’s amazing what a trim can do for you.

I purchased and tested out new hair products.

Makayla Bush

I blame TikTok, but I don't regret it. I finally tried out the Not Your Mother's Curl Talk products that I was seeing all the wavy/curly-haired girls use in their videos. I found some new everyday items. In the before + after photos of my trim, I was using these! If you're looking for a way to really boost your curls, definitely give these a try!

I also cut my little brother’s hair, TWICE.

Makayla Bush

I watch enough Brad Mondo to know what I'm doing, and my younger brother let me put that to the test. He asked me to give him a whole new look, and that is exactly what I did. Here's the before, after the first cut, and finishing up the second.

I bought a penny board.

Makayla Bush

This is one of those things I have wanted to do for YEARS, but I live in the country, so there's not much of a place for skating here. Since I started college, though, I decided I should give it a try, and when quarantine hit, I used my 20th birthday as an excuse to order one and attempt to learn(disclaimer: it is harder than it looks). Enjoy this, oh, so flattering screenshot of me opening the box it came in.

(I ordered this Kryptonics 22.5" penny board for under $60!)

I’ve picked up boxing.

Makayla Bush

This is something I had thought about since I was probably 6 years old and fell in love with Walker, Texas Ranger. I wanted even then to try out boxing, kickboxing, or martial arts so that I, too, could whoop some bad guy tail. My brothers got a punching bag and set of gloves for Christmas, and finally being home for a while gave me reason and motivation to use it. Unfortunately, I do not have any wonderfully flattering pics of me all red and sweaty, so here is my little brother, flexing on me.

I tried painting for the first time in what’s been nearly a decade.

Makayla Bush

I loved painting when I was little, but I never seemed to get any better at it and both got tired of it and found other ways to spend my time. But after seeing people getting artsy all over social media, I decided to once again try my hand at it. I dug out the old craft paints and haven't looked back. I never thought I would enjoy art so much, but it's become an everyday thing since.

If you're wanting to get into painting, don't think you need to have a fun painter's kit. I don't own a single canvas, so I paint whatever I can find: vinyl records, planters, even my dog's bedroom door.

I spent more time practicing makeup looks.

Makayla Bush

Makeup is a hobby I picked up when I was around 16 or 17, when I moved into a dorm and was surrounded by girls for the first time. I grew to love all of the incredible things you could do with it, and I just found it fun to put on, in general. Since being stuck in quarantine, I’ve decided that even if I’m not living with my girls, I should keep up the practice.

I tried my hand at digital art.

Makayla Bush

The complexity of digital art is incredibly understated. I used it here to touch up my Baby Yoda painting to be converted to stickers(which leads me to the next item on the list)!

I opened a Redbubble shop.

via Redbubble

Having someone buy your art seemed like such an awesome concept to me, and because I'd spent so much time recently creating art that just laid around, I decided maybe I should find a way to share it! Redbubble is an online shop where creators can upload their digital art to be put on products that people can purchase, such as stickers, pins, socks, phone and iPad cases, shirts, canvas prints, mugs, water bottles, notebooks, and many, MANY more! Given our current situation, they're even making masks now(not for medical use, but everyday public wear)!

I planted a garden and potted some flowers.

My family has always kept up a garden and some flowerbeds, and I figured that if I'm gonna be stuck in quarantine, I should at least find some way to get outside! Plus, I always sell our surplus produce, so it's a good way to make money, too!

I started making TikToks.

via TikTok

Once I spent a while really getting into trying all these new things, I figured, why not share this with others? I, like so many others my age, spend a pretty good deal of time on TikTok, so I decided to give it a try!

When life took on a new normal and everyone went into quarantine, I just knew that my busybody self would go mad being stuck inside alone all the time. Admittedly, though, I was someone who stayed so occupied with other things in my daily life that I never gave myself the time to try things I had considered, some even for years. As much as I dreaded this idea of having SO much free time, I finally chose to make the best of it and spend this period doing all the things I otherwise wouldn't have made time for. Surprisingly, I found myself some new hobbies and interesting ways of sharing them, products that are now going to be part of my everyday routine, and even some cool ways of making some extra money. These are certainly crazy, unprecedented times, and for so many of us, our lives were put on hold. Quarantine is enough to drive someone stir crazy, so I would advise anyone to take this time to allow yourself to do things you've always thought about. Try out some new recipes, or maybe even learn to cook for the first time, bake some bread, grow some veggies, order an art set and get to work on a new project, dye your hair, learn to braid, start a blog, learn a new instrument. Just because our lives seemingly stopped, that doesn't mean we're out of opportunities to learn and grow.

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