Best friends & Distance

Long distance best friend,

I miss you so much when I'm at school. I miss our crazy adventures and being on the rooftops in New York City. I miss you protecting me from guys trying to whistle at me as I walked by, you drive me absolutely crazy which is actually why I think we're super good friends, funny thing is we thought we could date each other at one point and we both know that didn't work out but I'm so glad it didn't!

You're the guy I get to hang out with when I come home for breaks, you're the one who takes pictures of me when nobody else wants to and you're my go-to guy when I need a laugh or even a good cry. Text me randomly when you have a feeling that I'm not doing okay because you always seem to know, tell me about your life that you're living without me, tell me all the things that anger you, things that sadden you.

You're my best friend and I didn't think that we would ever be best friends but that being said you mean the world to me and I'm so excited to take Christmas pictures together this year just like last year! You drive me up a wall so much but I think that the reason is that we are incredibly similar. We don't want to admit that and that's okay if you know what you're always going to be my best friend and I want to say thank you for being there for the past two and a half years. I love you oz!

You are kind of crazy but so am I and I kind of think that's what makes our friendship work, you help make New York a little safer for me when you are around and make me laugh like no other. From our hour-long phone calls to our five-minute rants, we always have something new to tell one another. Our friendship has survived your year-long move to Dallas, Texas, me moving to the middle of nowhere Maine and has naturally resumed now that I am around for break. I wouldn't want to strut the streets of New York with any other dude by my side.

Connor Ozbay

You hype me up like no other and make me feel like I am actually worth so much more than what I make myself out to be.

You have seen me through heartless friendships and relationships and helped me through heartbreak after heartbreak until I found the one guy who fit your standards for me and I am just really blessed to have you by my side. Here's to more photo sessions, more phone calls and ice skating in Bryant Park, you're a real one Oz.

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