A Brief Guide To Melbourne, Australia's Most Loved Bar
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A Brief Guide To Melbourne, Australia's Most Loved Bar


Melbourne, Australia's

It's fair to say that Melbourne's bar scene is something of a hidden gem with many tourists and locals yet to discover the delights on offer in this vibrant city.

Melbourne is an Australian city renowned for its incredible bars, cafes (and coffee), restaurants, concerts, and other events. One of the best parts of the city is its bar and nightclub scene. I'll show you the best bars to go to in Melbourne and what they're particularly known for.

Looking for a new bar to go to with your friends? Melbourne has thousands of them. There are so many bars that you probably can't name them all (unless you are obsessed with bars: then maybe). I've tried most of the bars out there and have consolidated my findings into one well-referenced list.

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Melbourne, Australia's Most Loved Bar

Melbourne is a city of many bars. With so many to choose from, it can be difficult to find the best place to spend your time and money.

However, some bars stand out above the rest. Here are five of Melbourne's most popular bars, and why they're worth a visit if you're visiting the city.

The Prince Alfred Hotel

The Prince Alfred Hotel is one of Melbourne's oldest pubs and has been around since 1854. It's located in the heart of Melbourne's CBD on Russell Street, which means it's easy to get to from anywhere in the city. The bar itself has a lot of character, with plenty of interesting artifacts on display including old signs and photographs from the past 160 years. There's also live music every Friday at 8 pm, so if you're looking for somewhere quiet for a drink after work or want somewhere lively for an evening out then this is the place!

The Public Bar

If you're looking for something a little less traditional then The Public Bar might be more up your street! This relaxed bar serves up modern Australian food alongside an extensive list of craft beers and cocktails that have been carefully selected.

The Carlton Club Hotel

One of Melbourne's best-known bars is tucked away down a side street in Lygon Street, Carlton, and is home to some of Melbourne's best musicians. A great spot for an early evening drink before dinner or after work with live music every night from 6 pm until late.

The Laundry Bar

This bar is located in the heritage-listed Victoria Market building, which was built in 1878 and converted into a bar in 2004. It's an underground venue that has been described as having a speakeasy feel. The bar has been awarded one of Australia's best bars by The Age newspaper and it serves up cocktails that have been created by some of the country's top mixologists.

The Northcote Social Club

This pub is located near the Northcote Town Hall, which was built between 1935 and 1939. The pub itself opened in 2008 and it has quickly become one of Melbourne's most popular venues. There are several areas inside this venue including an outdoor beer garden, two levels of indoor seating as well as a rooftop area that overlooks Melbourne City Centre. The food at this pub is also very good so be sure to try their burgers or pizzas while you're there!

You can find great coffee, pizza, late-night eats, and live music in Melbourne

Melbourne is the perfect place for foodies, with a huge range of restaurants in every style of food from around the world.

But if you’re not into fine dining or fancy French cuisine, don’t worry — there are plenty of places to grab a quick bite or grab a beer with friends.

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Here are some of our favorite spots in Melbourne:

1. Carlton (CBD)

2. Fitzroy (CBD)

3. Collingwood (CBD)

The live music scene in Melbourne

The live music scene in Melbourne is rich and varied. From jazz to folk, from rock to hip hop, there’s something for everyone. And when it comes to venues, few cities in the world can compete with our great city.

So if you’re looking for a night out with great live music, here are some of our favorites:

The Corner Hotel – Richmond

The Corner Hotel is one of the best places to catch a gig in Melbourne. With an eclectic mix of local and international acts playing every night of the week, this iconic venue always has something going on. And if you don’t like what they have on offer, there’s always its infamous downstairs bar where you can sip on a cold one while listening to some of Melbourne’s best DJs spin some vinyl.

The Gasometer Hotel – South Wharf

The Gasometer Hotel is located right next door to the Melbourne Convention Centre at South Wharf so it often gets overlooked when it comes to living music venues in Melbourne. That said, this place deserves a mention because it has a great sound system and an equally impressive lineup of DJs and bands each weekend.

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