beginner's guide to youtube
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A Beginner's guide to youTube

Bored? Ran out of Netflix shows? tired of cable? Well YouTube is for YOU!!!


Here is in my opinion the best content creators at the moment, and you totally should check them out.

1. Shane Dawson

If you want someone to entertain you, move you to tears, keep you informed, or just laugh a little Shane is your guy. He's most known for his conspiracy videos, and iconic series videos with his squad.

2. Jaclyn Hill

She is a queen of makeup tutorials, and known for her amazing all you will ever need eye shadow pallet. Jaclyn is your girl if you want an in depth makeup tutorial, or even just someone to be real with you.

3. Emma Chamberlain


She's a fresh face to the community, and a younger creator being only 17, but she is full of quirks and personality. From exploring San Francisco coffee shops, to thrifting, to hanging with her "girdies", Emma will for sure make you laugh with her quirky personality and blunt speech.

4. David Dobrik

Gazette Review

With his heart warming smile and wild vlogs, this 22 year old is insanely talented. He is known for the crazy stunts he pulls, and exotic animals he surprises his friends with, and he is of course known for buying his friends cars.

5. Carly and Erin

These two are by far the most underrated channel in the vlog squad, but are absolutely hilarious. They love starbucks more than life, but not more than themselves *peep their humble merch,* but they are guaranteed to make you laugh.

6. Laura Lee

Life & Style

She is unlike any other beauty blogger with her crazy dance moves, and humerous insta vids Laura Lee will teach you how to slay your makeup while also staying true to yourself. She is an Alabama girl born and raised, and her quirks will entertain.

7. Liza Koshy


She's little, she's brown, and she's full of puns. You can count on Liza to provide wholesome clean content for all ages. Not only does she have a YouTube channel, but she also has an original show on YouTube Red and you should totally check it out.

8. Scotty Sire


He's sad. Except for when he's with his girlfriend, best friends, or his dog, so I guess he's never sad. He is known for his iconic rap shout outs, and original chart topping songs. Def go check him out.

9. Grace Helbig

we the unicorns

You can't count on her to have an upload schedule, which is totally on brand for her, but you can count on her to make you smile. From cringey reenactments, to cooking fails, vlogs, favorites videos, and adventures with goose her bulldog, Grace is guaranteed to make you smile.

10. James Charles

ABC news

"HI SISTERS" is his famous and iconic catch phrase. James Charles is a young up and coming male makeup guru. He has changed the makeup game, and is one of many male artists who have paved the way for males in the makeup world. And of course someone who can turn himself into a meme is iconic.

11. Jess Conte

This ball of sunshine is an Australian content creator who lives for the Lord. She will provide you with good, encouraging, silly, clean, family friendly content. We need more people like her in this world.

12. Chris Klemens


Known for asking random questions to strangers, Chris Klemens' weird humor, and quirky personality will make you laugh and cringe all at the same time.

13. The Gabbie Show

This girl can't catch a break when it comes to her dating life, buuuut it sure does make for a great story time. Gabbie Hanna is a self named crazy girl with bad dating luck. She is recently known for her fitness journey, and chart topping singles. Def go check this girl out, and pray that she'll find a sane man.

14. Philip DeFranco


He's the modern day news channel. From pop culture to political events, and YouTube drama, Philip's channel covers it all with an unbiased outlook on it all. He is for the people.

15. TheHoonigans

This one is for all the car fanatics out there. If you're looking to see anything and everything car related this is the channel for you. From transformations, to hot rods, to reviews, this channel is for the car enthusiast, dreamer, or someone who is just curious.

16. Colleen Ballinger

She is Miss Youtube, and has been on the platform for years mostly known as Miranda Sings, her character. Colleen is known for her inclusive outlooks, storytimes, weird challenges, and most recently known for her pregnancy vids. This expecting mama will entertain you and make you love her the moment you start watching.

17. Safiya Nygaard

If you like to watch wacky outfit challenges, mixing several products together, an old cat, and all clothes black then this bat princess is the content creator for you!! Her witty clean content will make you smile, if not her cat or boyfriend will.

18. Heath Hussar


This humorous youtuber is known for not only being apart of the vlog squad, but also being apart of coffee talks, which are iconic. He's country and urban all at the same time, and is a fresh and different personality. Teamed up with either his best friend Zane, or girlfriend Mariah, he is absolutely hilarious.

19. Ava Jules

makeup tutorials

Ava's content is nostalgic to the old youtube from clothing hauls, to get ready with me's, and even vlogs around Hawaii, where she lives. Her clean content will entertain you, and will definitely inspire you to go shopping.

20. Casey Neistat

resource magazine

If you haven't heard of this talented creator then you must live under a rock. Casey is known for his uplifting vids with cool camera angles, and adventurous vibes. He is Father YouTube with his clean content, and will teach you something if you watch his vids.

YouTube is filled with millions of talented creators with billions of minutes of great content!!! I hope this guide can get you started in the YouTube world! Go Explore

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