A Bad Day First Aid Kit
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A Bad Day First Aid Kit

read if you are having a bad day right now...

A Bad Day First Aid Kit

1.Take a deep breath. Remember right now that you don't have to get through the whole day all at once. Just get through the next couple seconds, then the next few minutes, then the next hour. Remember this is just one day in the many days that are in your life.

2. Drink something hot. Brew a nice cup of green tea or, if you rather, go out and buy a cold iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts. Whatever it is, make it something that has always soothed you.

3. Eat something. It doesn't have to be healthy. Actually, junk food is encouraged. At least a little bit, because it comforts the soul. Extra toasty Cheez-Its or mint chocolate chip ice cream are never bad options.

4. Vege out. You need time to stop thinking for a while because whatever you are thinking probably isn't helping you out very much. Watch a TV show that makes you happy, with your drink and food of choice, and allow up to an hour of vegging.

5. Look at old pictures. After allowing yourself to stew in the negativity for a bit, start transitioning to positivity. Do so slowly, without rushing yourself. Look at an old picture that makes you smile.

6. Hug your dog. If he or she will allow. They won't make you talk about your feelings but will hug you back nonetheless.

6. Be expressive. You want to be positive but at the same time don't really want to think, because your thoughts might not be positive right now. Paint with watercolors or play an instrument; something that allows you to channel your feelings without really visiting them.

7. Journal. If you do want to visit your thoughts, list them out on a piece of paper. You don't have to be specific or analyze what you're thinking, just getting them out is cathartic enough. When you're done, look over the paper but then make it a ball and throw it out.

8. Be productive. Take just a half hour to tick some things off your to do list, but after the half hour is up let yourself rest again. It will feel good to get stuff done without forcing yourself to do everything.

9. Repeat steps 2-8, mixing and matching as you see fit, until you feel at least a little better. Your problems won't be solved, but at least your soul will feel rested. Only then will you be able to tackle the problems.

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