Why are we so obsessed with seeming like we 'don't care'? Since when did not caring become the new trend? We all need to stop lying just to seem like nothing matters when, in fact, it does.

1. I never do anything to my hair. All nat-ur-al.

Did you style your hair this morning? Probably not. But did you wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner to ensure your hair LOOKS styled? I bet you did.

2. I don't care where we eat.

Oh my goodness I swear to you when my boyfriend asks what I want to eat I always have a place in mind and so do you. Just tell him!

3. I don't wear makeup.

So in in other words, you've mastered the 'no makeup look' which requires 50 different products to achieve.

4. I don't feel the need to wear revealing clothes.

All girls love to feel sexy! If I just saw you in booty shorts and a push up bra don't be ashamed of that! Say no to slut shaming!

5. I don't spend money on unnecessary items.

Ok so you may not spend money on the same things I do. But that Michael Kors backpack says otherwise. Why can't you just admit you need retail therapy like the rest of us?

6. I hate worrying about my appearance. I just throw on a sweat outfit.

You mean that $100 Victoria's Secret sweat outfit? The ones that are 'in' right now? Yeah. You don't care at all.

7. It was just a hookup. I don't really care if he calls.

Even if you don't have feelings for him (which you probably do) you still want a phone call! Maybe just for validation you're hot af.

8. Yeah I orgasmed. It was great!

Why are you protecting his feelings? Just say you didn't! Most girls don't orgasm just from penetration and if you're honest, he might help you out a little!

9. I'm fine.

This is my favorite. Guys. Girls. Anyone. If someone says they are fine, they are absolutely NOT FINE.

How about we stop trying to be 'chill' and 'cool' and be honest...