9 People's Lives That Are Worse Than Yours as You Study for Finals
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9 People's Lives That Are Worse Than Yours as You Study for Finals

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9 People's Lives That Are Worse Than Yours as You Study for Finals

Studying for finals is a stressful time. I'm sure all of the college students on the quarter system can relate to the reality of this. Being on the quarter system, we see all of our friends already home. Even the high schoolers get out before the quarter system. They are already at the beach or lake and already camping or WORSE, maybe they even traveled to a different country. Maybe, during our study breaks we scroll through our social media dying inside with every artsy picture of some exotic place with exotic food.

Yeah.. Ok me too *tear*

Oh wow. That really does look like it tastes disgusting. And who would want to go to this place?!? I don't wish at all that that were my life, at all. Ugh.

S/o to the one and only Katie Koehler with her cool jeans, cool places and even cooler views.

Or another S/o to Miss Ashley Potzernitz living it up in Europe!

And then there's us...

We see them having the time of their lives and then we see the inside of a library. We see the long Starbucks lines. We see NOT the inside of our eyelids because no, sleep is not a thing during finals week. We see girls with messy buns and yogas without makeup.

We see the dead lack-luster faces trolling the halls, scantron in hand, they trudge around waiting for the sweet embrace of death or summer.... Whichever comes first. Finals week is a time where everyone feels stressed. It feels like the worst thing that could happen, but we have to remember there are worse things than finals. There are worse lives than yours. So, in my continuous procrastination on my studying, I have found for you people that you would rather not be. Instead of looking at social media and feeling sad that is not your life, look here and find reasons to be thankful that you are you and you have finals. Be thankful that you are not some of these embarrassing, ridiculous people. SO TAKE A STUDY BREAK AND READ!!!!! :) And then get back to studying. (Also, read through the end because the last one is one you won't want to miss).

1. Steve Harvey

Single handedly, this man was my inspiration for this article. As I stare down at my textbook in sorrow, I think to myself.. Well it could be worse and then BOOM. You could be Steve Harvey. His blundering of the Miss Universe contest was far worse than any studying I have to do.

2. Not The Winner of Miss Universe

Yeah, her life probably sucks a little bit too.. Poor Miss Colombia.

And ya know.. If you wanted to watch it again (1:38 minutes of less studying...)

3. This Fruit Ninja Kid and Whoever helped him do this

Okay, now seriously WHO DID THIS. This is a disgrace to all mankind. Be thankful that stuff like this doesn't even remotely cross your mind to do.

(1:10 minutes less of studying...)

4. You Could be Friend's with Parkour the Goat

(:06... It's like less than the time of a vine... Come on. Watch it...)

Poor little black goat.

5. You Could Be This Girl with This Epic Hair Tutorial Fail

(Skip to :25 if you want to save time)


6. Speaking of Little Girl's with Rough Lives...

The struggles to be Whitney are too real.

7. The Wiggles

You could be anyone of these full grown adults who refer to themselves as "The Wiggles."

Sure they are smiling, but what really is their life?

8. The People of Walmart

You could be anyone of these people of Walmart being ROASTED by Joe Santagato. (Couldn't pick one because they are both just so funny... Definitely a good study break.... Long, BUT worth it. 10/10 recommend)

AND LAST, But certainly not least.

9. The Life of Donald Trump's Hair

His hair did choose the politician life, the politician life chose it. I feel sympathy for his hair.

His hair, constantly ridiculed for its peculiar nature some how balancing the perfect combination of fuzzy and plastered with some kind of extra strength glue.

Or, such as in this picture people comparing to that of a raw vegetable. His golden locks didn't choose for Donald to go out in public on a windy day.. It was simply were along for the ride.

Not only has it been compared to this other objects, but it has been photoshopped onto everything from fictional Harry Potter characters,

to animals,

and even to the one and only Kanye West.

A man who can pull off selling a plain white tee shirt for $120 dollars, by not just selling, but selling out IMMEDIATELY,


A man who has a tattered gray men's sweater selling for $1,820.00 cannot pull it off. Although any normal, average joe could buy some gray sweater from Walmart, and rip it up with some scissors, Kanye has put a price, and a very expensive one at that, to look like a dirty hobo.

If a man who has done all this and more cannot pull of this hair,

THAT says something.

The life of Donald Trump's hair as well as the rest of these poor people are not easy ones and they certainly have it harder than you as you study for your finals. So go out there! Ace those finals. And remember, it could be worse.

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